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From: bl...@Apple.COM (Brian Bechtel)
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Subject: Apple announces A/UX 3.0 update program
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Date: 23 Jan 92 15:10:35 GMT
Organization: Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA
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This was the press release at UniForum.  I don't have any additional
information.  Non-US customers will probably have to contact the local
Apple office for information about upgrade plans in your country.

--Brian Bechtel     "My opinion, not Apple's"


Apple Announces A/UX 3.0 Update Program

UNIFORUM, SAN FRANCISCO, California--January 22, 1992

Product Description:

A/UX, Apple's version of the industry-standard UNIX operating system
for the Macintosh personal computer, gives users access to the
intuitive Macintosh desktop within the UNIX environment.  With A/UX,
users can simultaneously run multiple Macintosh productivity
applications, UNIX applications, X Window System applications and MS-
DOS applications (using SoftPC from Insignia Solutions, Inc.) on one

A/UX 3.0, Apple's latest version of UNIX, offers customers new

--It further integrates Macintosh power and ease-of-use features
ranging from full System 7 functionality to support for the
high-performance Macintosh Quadra computers, with industry-standard

--It will be the first version of system software from Apple that
integrates QuickTime, the revolutionary extension to Macintosh and
A/UX system software products that provides exciting new multimedia
capabilities such as sound, video and animation.

--It is the stepping stone for a smooth migration path to the PowerOpen
environment--a new, open-systems environment created by Apple and IBM's
recent alliance, that will offer customers and developers an
easy-to-use, standards- based, high-performance system.


Through Apple's A/UX 3.0 Update Program, U.S. customers who purchase
A/UX 2.0.1 on a CD-ROM, floppy disks or preinstalled on an A/UX-
capable computer after October 30, 1991 can receive A/UX 3.0 at no
extra cost.   Programs outside the U.S. may vary.  Customers who
purchase A/UX 2.0.1 between October 30, 1991 -- January 31, 1992 can
obtain a coupon, available at the end of January 1992, from their
authorized Apple reseller.  Beginning in February 1992, coupons will
be included with A/UX 2.0.1.


An A/UX 3.0 CD-ROM Update Product will be available for customers who
want to upgrade from A/UX versions 1.x and 2.x.  A/UX 3.0 will be
available in the first calendar quarter of 1992 and pricing will be
announced at that time.

For more information:

Customers should go to their authorized Apple reseller or call the
Apple Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-776-2333 for more
information regarding the Update program.

Editorial Contact:
Jackie Promes
Apple Computer, Inc.
(408) 974-3609


Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and A/UX are registered trademarks
of Apple Computer, inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark of Bell System Laboratories
SoftPC is a registered trademark of Insignia Solutions, Inc.


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