New Microsoft Office for the Macintosh

Version 2.0 Maximizes Office Productivity

Redmond, Wash.--  January 28, 1992 -- (Business Wire) --Microsoft Corp. today announced The Microsoft Office for the Apple Macintosh version 2.0, which includes four of Microsoft's key business-productivity applications in one special package.

The four applications include: the new Microsoft Word version 5.0, the leading word processor for the Macintosh; Microsoft Excel version 3.0, the leading spreadsheet for the Macintosh platform; Microsoft PowerPoint presentation graphics program version 2.01, and a client license for Microsoft Mail version 3.0, an electronic mail system.

"The Microsoft Office gives Macintosh users a full line of essential business productivity applications that provide them with the tools they need to maximize the productivity of their entire office and at the same time gives them a cost-effective way to buy the leading software for the Macintosh," said Lisa Brummel, Product Manager of Microsoft's line of software for the Macintosh.

Four Leading Applications

Each of the four applications is a leader in its field. Microsoft Word is the best-selling word processor for the Macintosh and also the best-selling application for the Macintosh of all time. Microsoft Excel is the best-selling spreadsheet for the Macintosh and is used by nine out of 10 Macintosh spreadsheet users.

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations program is the product that created the desktop presentations category and is the best selling product for the Macintosh in that category. Microsoft Mail is a leading electronic mail package for AppleTalk networks.

Increased User Productivity

The Microsoft Office for the Macintosh provides users with easy access to the power and features they need such as outlining in Microsoft Excel and Word, style sheets, shared user dictionaries, mail integration and templates. In addition, each of the four products included in The Microsoft Office is easy to learn and use because the products share many commands and features. The thoughtful design and feature implementation allows users to take what they have learned using one product and apply it to the others; thus reducing the time and effort needed to become productive with their computers.

For example, Microsoft Excel and Word take full advantage of System 7.0 capabilities such as Publish and Subscribe. This means that users of Microsoft Excel can publish charts or spreadsheets and subscribe to them in their Word documents: any saved changes in the data are automatically reflected in the Word document.

Microsoft Excel also features enhanced integration with Microsoft Mail. Users can now send and receive files through Microsoft Mail directly from within Microsoft Excel or Word. Microsoft Mail can also be accessed from within Microsoft Word, which can save users time and keystrokes.

A further benefit of integration is that Word and PowerPoint share the same user dictionaries. This means that words added during a Word spelling check will be available when checking the spelling on the slides, notes pages and handouts of a PowerPoint created presentation. In addition, each application is fully System 7.0 compatible.

Pricing, System Requirements and Availability

The Microsoft Office for the Macintosh is currently available for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $750. This represents more than a 50 percent savings on these products if acquired separately at their SRPs. Registered licensees of The Microsoft Office for the Macintosh will receive update offers for each of the four products as they become available.

System requirements include a Macintosh Plus or higher, System 6.02 or higher, and one megabyte of memory (two megabytes is recommended when running System 7.0). Two megabytes of memory is required for use of the grammar checker in Word 5.0.

The Microsoft Office includes a client license for Microsoft Mail: at least one set of Microsoft Mail server software must be acquired separately and installed on a Macintosh workstation on the network. In addition, all machines must have a network card that supports AppleTalk LocalTalk or compatible local area network.

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