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Path: sparky!uunet!!mips!apple!apple!!jms
From: (John Michael Sovereign)
Newsgroups: comp.unix.aux
Subject: Apple Ships A/UX 3.0
Message-ID: <422@jumbo.Apple.COM>
Date: 17 Apr 92 00:36:31 GMT
Sender: use...@Apple.COM
Organization: Apple Computer, Inc.
Lines: 12

According to an Apple announcment released this afternoon,
"A/UX 3.0 is available immediately through authorized Apple resellers.
Customers should call 1-800-538-9696 for the location of their
nearest reseller."

To avoid filling net bandwidth with commercial content,
the full text of the press release will be available via anonymous
ftp on as ~/pub/"3.0 Ships".

John Sovereign
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