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From: (Mark Anbinder)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.announce
Subject: Mac PC Exchange & QuickTime
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Date: 18 May 1992 13:33:07 -0500
Organization: BAKA Computers Inc.
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Nancy Morrison
Apple Public Relations
Brooke Cohan
Apple Public Relations
Apple Ships Macintosh PC Exchange and QuickTime Starter Kit
New Macintosh System 7 Software Extensions Slated for Broad
Availability Through Software Resellers
CUPERTINO,California--May 18, 1992--Apple Computer, Inc. today
announced immediate availability of its first retail software
products that augment the core System 7 operating-system services of
the Apple Macintosh computer--Macintosh PC Exchange and the QuickTime
Starter Kit.  Macintosh PC Exchange allows customers to easily move
files between a Macintosh and any PC-compatible computer.  The
QuickTime Starter Kit contains a set of utilities and a wealth of
clip content material that allows customers to get started using
QuickTime, the highly acclaimed extension to Macintosh System 7 that
facilitates work with sound, video and animation.
    In addition to worldwide availability through Apple authorized
resellers, both products are part of a new U.S. distribution
agreement with Ingram Micro to make Apple software products available
through a wide variety of software resellers.  Apple expects to
expand distribution even further for software products, both in the
United States and worldwide.
    "The wide availability of software products such as Macintosh PC
Exchange and the QuickTime Starter Kit is just the beginning of Apple
offering customers a convenient opportunity to buy software
extensions that meet specific needs," said Charlie Oppenheimer,
director of marketing for the Macintosh Software Architecture
Division.  "Customers can expect easy access to a steady stream of
system-software products that add even more value to their Macintosh
Macintosh PC Exchange
    Macintosh PC Exchange enables Macintosh computers running System 7
and equipped with an Apple SuperDrive floppy disk drive to easily
read, write and format PC-compatible disks.  Files on the PC-
compatible disk appear on the Macintosh screen as standard Macintosh
documents, and can be opened, saved, renamed, moved, copied or
deleted just as with any Macintosh document.  These files can also be
imported into Macintosh-based applications.  In addition, the DOS-
formatted disk can be used to transfer Macintosh files to a DOS
    Macintosh PC Exchange also can be customized so that a Macintosh-
based application is automatically launched when a user double-clicks
on a file created by the DOS or Windows version of that application
running on a PC-compatible computer.  Macintosh PC Exchange is
compatible with all Macintosh applications and many leading DOS and
Windows applications.
    The suggested retail price in the United States of Macintosh PC
Exchange is U.S. $79.
QuickTime Starter Kit
    The QuickTime Starter Kit provides the fastest way to get started
using sound, video, animation, and compressed still images on a
Macintosh.  When used with products that support QuickTime, customers
can cut, copy and paste QuickTime movies into documents and
presentations as easily as they already work with text and graphics.
The product includes four easy-to-use utilities that allow users to
play movies (MoviePlayer), compress still images to a fraction of
their original size (Picture Compressor), convert existing content
into movies (Movie Converter), and, with a video digitizer card,
capture video movies (Movie Recorder).  The QuickTime Starter Kit
also includes QuickClips-- a CD-ROM containing over 400 MB of clip
video, animation, and high-quality still images, all indexed for easy
browsing; and an electronic QuickTime product catalog listing over
100 shipping products that are QuickTime savvy.
    The suggested retail price in the United States for the QuickTime
Starter Kit is U.S. $169.
Direct Product Support
    In the United States, Macintosh PC Exchange and the QuickTime Starter
Kit will include toll-free phone support directly through Apple for
one year.
Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks and
QuickTime, System 7, SuperDrive, MoviePlayer and QuickClips are
trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Press Releases
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