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From: (Thad P Floryan)
Subject: WHO paid for this "ad"?
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 92 02:13:57 PDT
Organization: The Portal System (TM)
Lines: 33

YES, who inserted the following paid "ad" on page A6 of the Monday, June 22,
1992, San Francisco Chronicle?   The "ad" is 10" x 14" and contains only the
following text [printed as if it were handwritten] and bears no identifying
legends, etc.:


	All I really wanted to do
	was simplify my job.

	So I bought Windows.  I
	added extra RAM.  I bought a
	bigger hard disk.  I replaced
	my video card and monitor.

	I bought a half-dozen new
	programs, installed a mouse,
	configured the system, and
	as I set here watching my
	spreadsheet crawl on my PC,
	I'm thinking to myself,

	"This is making it easier?"

When I brought that in to the office today, speculation ran rampant.  Many
thought it was Apple, most thought it was IBM.

Nothing on page A6 (in the first section, BTW) identifies the party who
paid for the ad insertion, and a "casual" call to the SFC at noontime
elicited "we cannot give out that information."

Any clues?

From: (Bert Tyler)
Subject: WHO paid for this "ad"?
Message-ID: <>
Date: 23 Jun 92 16:57:00 GMT
Reply-To: (Bert Tyler)
Organization: SataLink Info Systems - Huntingdon Valley, PA - 215-364-3324
Lines: 14

TP>YES, who inserted the following paid "ad"
TP> All I really wanted to do
TP> was simplify my job.

That's an Apple ad.  Sounds like your favorite newspaper forgot to run
the second page of a two-page spread.  The same ad is on pages 90 and
91 of the 6/22 issue of PC Week.

                   Bert Tyler   (
 . DeLuxe./386 1.25 #343sa . Did you expect mere proof to sway my opinion?

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