Apple Introduces the Macintosh LC III

Apple Extends its Macintosh LC Line with Fast, Versatile, Affordable Slim-line System

MACWORLD, TOKYO--February 9, 1993--Building on the strong foundation of its best-selling Apple  Macintosh  LC II personal computer, Apple Computer, Inc. today introduced the Macintosh LC III, a fast, versatile and affordable slim-line computer.  The new system delivers increased performance and new features that improve upon the popular Macintosh LC II.

"In 1992, the LC II ranked as the No. 1 seller in the Macintosh family.  Our research also suggests it was one of the top-selling personal computers in the entire industry," said Eric Harslem, vice president of Apple's Desktop Products division.  "The versatile Macintosh LC line has been extremely successful because it appeals to a broad range of customers in homes, education and business."

Added Harslem, "We continue to listen to our customers, and today we are responding with the Macintosh LC III, which incorporates the features our customers value most.  First, we improved performance; second, we provided additional display options; and finally, we increased memory expansion."


In keeping with Apple's corporate goal to make Macintosh accessible to more people, the Macintosh LC III  base configuration has a U.S. suggested retail price (SRP) of $1,349.  To ensure customer satisfaction and protect customers' investments, Apple is also offering a Macintosh LC III Upgrade Kit for $599 U.S. SRP for Macintosh LC and LC II customers who wish to upgrade.


The Macintosh LC III provides nearly twice the performance of the LC II.  Powered by a 25MHz Motorola 68030 microprocessor, the LC III features a 32-bit bus architecture that improves performance beyond what its clockspeed suggests.


The Macintosh LC III comes with 4MB of DRAM standard, and offers significantly increased RAM expansion--36MB vs. a maximum of 10MB on the LC II.  This means that customers can work with larger documents and multiple applications simultaneously.  Customers also have the option to install a math coprocessor on the logic board.  In addition, the Macintosh LC III can be purchased with an 80MB or 160MB hard drive.

The Macintosh LC III offers an LC processor direct slot (PDS) for specialized expansion capabilities such as high-speed Ethernet networking, Apple IIe emulation, and NTSC video-out and video capture.  In addition, the LC III comes with on-board sound input and output, and a SCSI port for connecting to many types of peripherals such as external hard drives, scanners, and CD-ROM drives.

The Macintosh LC III supports a wide array of displays, including the Macintosh 12" Monochrome Display, the Macintosh 12" RGB Display, the Macintosh 14" Color Display, the Macintosh Portrait Display and the Macintosh 16" Color Display.  The LC III comes standard with 512K of VRAM to support up to 256 colors on displays as large as 16 inches. LC III customers can work with 32,768 colors on the Macintosh Color Display by adding an optional 256K VRAM SIMM.

Pricing and Availability

The Macintosh LC III will be offered worldwide through Apple authorized resellers.  Pricing and availability may vary outside the United States.  The LC II will continue to play an important role in the education market in the United States and in all markets outside the United States.  The U.S. suggested retail prices for the Macintosh LC III are as follows:

Configurations                                U.S. SRP   Availability

Macintosh LC III, 4MB/80MB HD, Keyboard        $1,349     Immediate
Macintosh LC III, 4MB/160MB HD, Keyboard       $1,499     Immediate

Macintosh LC III Logic Board Upgrade Kit         $599     Immediate
Macintosh Math Coprocessor                        $79     Immediate
Macintosh VRAM Expansion Kit (256K)               $99     Immediate
Apple Ethernet LC Card                           $165     Immediate
(Transceiver required)

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