Apple Shows Workgroup Servers, Announces Third-Party Software at AECC

Enhances Move Into The Enterprise Computing Word

SAN FRANCISCO, April 5, 1993 /PRNewswire/ -- Apple Computer's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Enterprise System Division today announced that 20 independent software vendors have indicated that they plan to introduce products supporting Apple's new family of Apple Workgroup Servers at the annual Apple Enterprise Computer Conference (AECC) in San Francisco. Apple's new Workgroup Server family was announced on March 25 at CeBIT, a major computer trade show held annually in Hanover, Germany.

"Our software partners' announcements clearly indicates the direction we plan to take with our server products for the enterprise," said Morris Taradalsky, vice president and general manager of Apple Computer's Enterprise System Division.  "The focus today is clearly on solutions -- from imaging to publishing, from financial management to data harvesting.  Our strategy is to provide the most cost-effective hardware and services for enterprise client/server applications and to work with the best independent software vendors for applications and development tools."

"At ESD we're staying in touch with IS managers throughout the world.  Today's Enterprise Computer Conference is an excellent venue to announce solutions that meet the Apple Computer criteria of being easy to install, the easy manage and easy to use."

Besides three new high-performance Apple Workgroup Servers in Hanover last week, Apple also announced that it plans to ship two new versions of its AppleShare networking software (AppleShare 4.0 and AppleShare Pro), and a new information access client/server service, AppleSearch.  This powerful knowledge navigation product is designed to use natural-language requests to create Reporters which search unstructured server databases, CD-ROMs and collaborating news services at scheduled intervals.  Search results are then published on the user's monitor, with the most useful documents at the head of a weighted list.

"We are redefining workgroup computing," said Taradalsky.  "With our new servers, services and software for the emerging client/client/server model of computing, we're opening the door to non-computer users who want anywhere, anytime access to the enterprise beyond the local area network.  We're providing intelligent integration between systems in an open, mixed-vendor framework and doing so with typical Apple easy-to-use interface and focus on the user."

Third-party vendors who plan to introduce products at Apple's Enterprise Computing Conference include:

Aldus Corp.

Aldus today announced that it plans to support the new Apple Workgroup Server family with current versions of its applications software products, including Aldus Fetch, its multi-user, mixed-media database program.  When combined with Fetch, Apple's new servers give graphics professionals improved information-management solutions -- including file, print, and database server resources for desktop publishing; graphics-file management; and information access performed in workgroup situations.  Fetch is the first mixed-media database to support the new servers.

For further information contact:  Belinda Young, Aldus Public Relations, 206-386-8819.


Andyne Computing Limited of Kingston, Ontario, plans to unveil P;BLO, a unique multidimensional data analysis and reporting tool designed to provide Macintosh users with transparent access to local and remote information resources.  Featuring an innovative HyperCube technology, P;BLO's powerful report layout and data navigation facilities provide a new way of managing end-user access to information stored on desktop computers, mainframes, and strategic network servers such as those unveiled recently by Apple Computer.

For further information contact:  Scott Rankine, director of marketing, Andyne Computing Limited:  613-548-4355.

Blueridge Technologies

Blueridge plans to announce Optix WorkFlow, the first workflow software for the Macintosh designed to be part of a complete Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), which includes Workflow, Document Imaging, Text Search, OCR, Archival/Retrieval, and Fax Server.  Optix WorkFlow allows businesses to move electronic documents automatically along a user-definable routing path, from one workstation to the next, around an entire local area network or wide-area network.

The bottlenecks that are part of the usual paper routing system -- copying documents, moving documents from one desk to another or one building to another, manually keeping track of documents as they move, locating documents when they are lost or misplaced -- are all reduced or eliminated by Optix WorkFlow.  Optix WorkFlow is designed to re-engineer the way they processes information, in order to eliminate unnecessary steps, increase productivity, monitor and enhance quality, improve customer satisfaction, and speed up delivery of products and services.

For further information contact:  Keith Ellis, vice president, sales and marketing, 703-675-3015.

Brio Technology

Brio Technology announced today that it plans to support Oracle Version 7 and Apple's Workgroup Server 95 for its suite of Client/Server data access products, DataPrism, and DataEdit.  DataPrism is a cross- platform ad hoc query tool designed to enable end users to form complex database queries without any knowledge of SQL.  DataPrism has been shipping since 1990.  DataEdit is a new rapid prototyping tool for client/server applications development.  DataEdit utilizes a graphical interface for forms construction and a powerful built-in SQL engine for generating all SQL necessary to perform standard data management functions.  DataEdit is expected to ship in Q2 1993.

For further information contact:  Monica M. McIntire, 415-961-4110.


Conley announced today that it plans to introduce a series of RAID disk arrays for Apple's new Workgroup Server Family.  The Conley SR1 disk arrays offer high levels of storage capacity and performance for mission-critical networks.  Each SR1 array enables the Workgroup Server 60, 80 or 95 with 2 to 100 gigabytes of fast-access storage.  Conley RAID arrays are fault-tolerant, supporting hot-replacement of failed hard drives and power supplies.  They have a network monitoring interface which will notify managers across the LAN or WAN of failures. Conley also offers a remote system monitoring service from its office using AppleTalk Remote Access.

For further information contact:  Ric Calvillo, 212-979-8824.


Compumation, a leading developer of network based print and image servers, showed Print Central, which uses 16 chooser-selectable queues to serve six networked PostScript devices, providing complete control over all network printing from one central location.  Color Central adds the power of OPI picture replacement.  Color Central produces sampled versions of large image files for use in page layout programs.  The substitution process during printing significantly reduces network traffic freeing the workstation almost instantly.

For further information contact:  Compumation, Inc., 814-238-2120.

Dantz Development Corp.

Apple intends to bundle with all Apple Workgroup Server 95 configurations a new version of Dantz Retrospect Remote for server backup.  Retrospect Remote 2.0 A/UX includes support for both UNIX and Macintosh file formats and will operate the 4mm DDS-DC drive as well as more than 180 other third party tape drives and optical and cartridge drive.

For further information contact:  Kerry MacInnes, marketing manager, 510-849-0293, ext. 235.

Ensemble Information Systems

Dow Jones & Company and Ensemble Information Systems will preview a new client/client/server application designed for the Apple Workgroup Server Model 95.  Based upon Dow Jones' DowVision integrated business news and information service, the new Ensemble software is capable of scanning thousands of business news stories from DowVision each day and deliver Personal Digital Newspapers (PDN's) to subscriber's Macintosh client computers.  One such PDN, being demonstrated at AECC, is The Wall Street Journal "Personal Edition," which contains the full-text of the current day's Journal, but also includes a personal index to enable each reader to quickly scan the Journal for stories that match the reader's personal interest profile.  When this service is available in mid-1993, individually tailored PDN's will be delivered automatically to subscribers connected to the Apple Workgroup Server Model 95 via their electronic mail inbox.

For further information contact:  Dick Luebke, Ensemble Information Systems, 415-677-7769.

Farallon Computing

Farallon Computing, the Alameda, Calif.-based networking company, today announced cross-platform support for Apple Computer, Inc.'s new line of Apple Workgroup Servers.  Farallon's PhoneNET PC 3.0 software, included with Farallon's Timbuktu for Windows product, lets Windows and DOS computer users quickly and easily access the new Apple Workgroup Servers to share files and databases with Macintosh network users.  In addition, it allows PCs to share other network resources such as laser printers and electronic mail servers.  The software supports Ethernet, LocalTalk and Token Ring Networks.  Apple also announced at CeBIT that it intends to make available a new product, AppleTalk Connection for DOS and Windows, based on the PhoneNET PC product from Farallon Computing. This product can provide a cross-platform file and print solution for mixed Macintosh and PC workgroups.

For further information contact:  Trudy Edelson, 510-814-5307.

Great Plains

Great Plains Software today announced Great Plains Dynamics, a LAN- ready, modular, graphical accounting and business management software for the Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows environments.  Dynamics is the first accounting software package to allow people working in different computing environments -- Macintosh and Windows -- to share data seamlessly across a network.

The product's underlying foundation, Dexterity, is a graphical, cross-platform development system optimized for developing large transaction-oriented applications using object-oriented programming techniques.

For further information, please contact:  Terry Kalil, director of public relations, 800-456-0025 or 701-281-3130.

Integrated Device Technologies

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) today announced a new RISC- based compute server board for Apple Macintosh personal computers.  The board, called "CZAR," is a NuBus card that plugs into any NuBus-equipped Macintosh.  Software supplied with the CZAR permits the card to be used to accelerate many Macintosh applications, including Adobe Photoshop filters, 3-D rendering, and print rasterization.  The CZAR software is shipped with an Unsharp Mask filter for Adobe Photoshop.  Any application which has been compiled for Torque Systems' TorqueWare can be installed and run on the CZAR.  This includes HSC Software's Kai's Power Tools for PhotoShop, Flash Tracer, a ray-tracer for StrataVision, and the ElectricImage, animation system.  Additional TorqueWare products include future XAoS Tools products, Island Graphics' IslandTrapper, and Compumation's PrintCentral and ColorCentral.

For further information contact:  John Springer, RISC SubSystems marketing manager:  408-988-5627.


Metropolis Software, Inc. will demonstrate Sales Synergy on a remote PowerBook client accessing and updating an Oracle7 database server running on Apple's recently announced Workgroup Server 95.  Sales Synergy provides a foundation to enable companies to implement integrated, high performance, and scalable field automation systems rapidly, that are capable of supporting hundreds of remote users. "Sales Synergy is one of the first applications to provide true collaboration between database systems running on PowerBooks and central SQL database systems," according to Craig Jorasch, president of Metropolis.  Sales Synergy applies a sophisticated synchronization and update broadcasting approach to coordinate communication among field- based users and between field and corporate users.  Sales Synergy enhances information sharing, consolidates information for centralized reporting, and supports territory management and sales forecasting.

For further information, contact:  Barry Demak, 415-322-2001.


The MD MARS family of document imaging systems gives users fast, easy access to information that's usually consigned to file rooms or microfilm.  Based on a client/server architecture, MD MARS systems use optical disk technology to store millions of pages of information at Macintosh or UNIX servers, and provide fast access to all the information at Macintosh and PC client stations.

MARS Viking and MARS Voyager, the latest products from Micro Dynamics, allow distributed multiple servers for custom-tailored performance and unlimited storage.  Apple's Workgroup Server 95 provides a powerful server option for MD MARS clients with high performance needs.

For further information, contact:  Micro Dynamics, 301-589-6300.

Oracle Corp.

Oracle Corp. today announced that it plans to make available ORACLE7 for A/UX, a cooperative database server for A/UX running on the Apple Workgroup Server 95.  This product release is the result of over one year of joint development work between Oracle and Apple.  ORACLE7 for A/UX is the first product designed to meet the expectations of users by delivering both the reliability and advanced functionality of the ORACLE7 database and the ease of  use of the Macintosh in one product. The ORACLE7 Cooperative Server combines distributed database, data replication and parallel processing technology to hide the complexity of client-server computing.  Cooperative-Server technology enables simultaneous access to multiple databases, without the additional programming and complexity inherent in early client-server implementations.  This simplifies system design and application development.  ORACLE7 also includes advanced server automation features such as automatic referential integrity, stored procedures, triggers and event alerts which improve server reliability and programmer productivity while reducing system maintenance costs.

For further information, contact:  Jim Stern, desktop product manager, 415-506-2270.


Personal Library Software, Inc. announced it is developing AppleSearch-compatible products for major client and server platforms, including UNIX and MS-Windows.  AppleSearch, Apple Computer's planned workgroup information search and retrieval product, consists of an AppleSearch server, built upon the PLS search engine technology, linked to Apple's intuitive Macintosh client.

For further information contact:  Bill Bennett, Hill and Knowlton, Inc., 408-496-6511.


Quark, Inc. is demonstrating its newly released Quark Publishing System, a high-performance editorial management system that provides word processing and file tracking software for workgroup publishing environments.  The system running on Apple Workgroup servers shows significant performance increases over traditional network server configurations.  It integrates with QuarkXPress, Quark's industry- standard page layout program.

For further information contact:  Peter Warren, Quark Public Relations, 303-894-8888.


Server Manager, Santorini's AppleShare management software, can maximize a customer's investment in Apple's new Workgroup Servers by adding remote and expanded management capabilities.

The performance of Apple's new hardware and AppleShare 4.0 and AppleShare Pro, complemented by Server Manager, provides network managers AppleShare servers that are fast and easy to manage.

For further information contact:  Santorini, 415-563-6398.

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