Apple Rolls Out New and Improved PowerBook Computers

Six New Models Offer Increased Performance, Enhanced User Design and Bundled Software Especially for Mobile Users

First PowerBook PowerPC Processor Upgrades

CUPERTINO, Calif., May 16, 1994 /PRNewswire/ -- Advancing its leadership position in mobile computing solutions, Apple Computer, Inc. (Nasdaq-NNM: AAPL) today announced six new high-performance, full-featured PowerBook computers. The new PowerBook models bring forth a range of innovative new technologies and features that specifically address the growing needs of mobile customers, including new interface design, brilliant color display technology options, intelligent and energy-efficient battery design, and greater expansion flexibility. These competitively priced notebook computers also offer customers a host of built-in communications, information management, and compatibility software that makes it even easier to access information -- including files based on MS-DOS or Microsoft Windows -- anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

All of these new PowerBook computers are powered by the Motorola 68LC040 microprocessor. Apple also announced plans to provide PowerPC microprocessor technology upgrades for these systems in the future. PowerPC technology, which is jointly developed by Apple, IBM, and Motorola, represents the platform for the next generation of personal computing.

"With the introduction of these new PowerBook computers, Apple now offers a new and improved PowerBook product line," said Brodie Keast, Apple's vice president for PowerBook Products. "We listened to our customers, and included the features that they told us were most valuable to them. These systems also provide customers the power they need today and a growth path to increased performance in the future with PowerPC technology."
Today's product announcements include:

-- The PowerBook 500 Series. Based on the Motorola 68LC040 microprocessor, four new systems feature an entirely new industrial design that incorporates new technologies, such as the Apple trackpad, which lets users control the cursor with the touch of a finger; intelligent batteries that not only extend battery life, but allow users to easily monitor battery usage; full-page-width displays; and 16-bit, CD-quality stereo sound capabilities for built-in multimedia and presentation support. These systems also offer two modems (either Global Village in the U.S./Canada, or Express Modem II in other countries), optional Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) expansion capability and built-in Ethernet connection -- all for the first time in the PowerBook design.

-- The PowerBook 200 Series. Two new models, based on Motorola's 68LC040 microprocessor technology, and weighing-in at just over four pounds, improve upon one of the industry's best selling subnotebook computers. The PowerBook 200 series also is the only subnotebook computer available today capable of displaying thousands of colors on the screen, making them optimal for high-end multimedia presentations. Flexibility is built-in to the 200 series through extended battery life and energy management features, increased storage capabilities, and new high-speed fax send and receive capabilities with optical character recognition (OCR).

-- The PowerBook Mobility Bundle. Providing easy access to the information customers need, no matter where they are, both new PowerBook series of computers come bundled with integrated software installed to provide communications capabilities, cross-platform compatibility, power management, and information management. With Apple Remote Access Client 2.0, Macintosh PC Exchange, and PowerBook File Assistant, for example, customers can easily access files and services whether they are on the road, at the office, or at home. The new PowerBook Control Strip, a convenient power management tool available directly on the desktop, also allows customers to optimize battery power for the work being done, and conveniently click and select controls for a number of other systems components, including hard disk, file sharing, and sound volume.

Apple's new software and hardware are enabling many third-party developers and VARs to provide new communications solutions for users, many available now on PowerBook systems for the first time. "We support Apple's vision in providing mobile users the most flexible yet secure remote solution in the industry," said Bernard Harguindeguy, director of Marketing at Novell's NetWare Enterprise Products Division. "Apple's PowerBook computers, in conjunction with Novell's mobile products -- such as NetWare Connect -- offer customers an excellent solution to access and share corporate resources from virtually any location."

"I was immediately struck by the innovation of the new PowerBooks, especially in the new trackpad, screens, and enhanced batteries," said Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies, one of the leading high-tech market research and business consulting firms in the U.S., which focuses on office, personal, and mobile computing sectors. "Apple has really extended the design of portability. They've done a great job with this new line, not only for current Macintosh users, but for those looking at a portable for the first time. These are powerful computers."

Availability and Pricing

All new PowerBook models will be available immediately through authorized resellers worldwide. Pricing, availability, configurations, and content of the PowerBook Mobility Bundle may vary outside the U.S. Details on PowerPC processor upgrades will be made available at a later date.

The U.S. Apple price starts at $2,269 for the PowerBook 520 base system configuration with 4MB of DRAM and 160MB hard disk, and $2,639 for the PowerBook Duo 280 base system configuration with 4MB of DRAM and 240MB hard disk.

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