Apple Boosts Performance of PowerPC Processor-based Workgroup Server Line

Faster CPU speeds, enhanced AppleShare performance and leading server applications extend the value of Workgroup Servers

CUPERTINO, California--April 3, 1995--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced three new PowerPC microprocessor-based Workgroup Servers featuring leading PowerPC processor performance. The new servers are available with the fastest AppleShare yet--AppleShare 4.1 -- delivering nearly twice the performance of earlier versions of Apple's flagship file-and-print software. In addition, Apple is bundling a host of server software solutions that extends workgroup productivity for both server administrators and network users.

"Apple offers the industry's best server price/performance by providing customers with increased PowerPC performance, faster AppleShare and a range of server software solutions that come standard with our Workgroup Servers," said Jim Groff, vice president and general manager for Apple Business Systems.

The new high-performance Workgroup Servers 6150/66, 8150/110, 9150/120 provide easy-to-use, low-cost server solutions for organizations in education, publishing and business. The Workgroup Server 9150/120 is the fastest PowerPC processor-based system available today, using the latest PowerPC 601 120-megahertz processor developed by IBM and Motorola as part of the PowerPC Alliance.

In addition, Apple's server solutions offer reliability and come equipped with hardware and software designed to protect server data, including high-capacity Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drives with Retrospect Remote backup software from Dantz Development Corp. and Apple RAID Software for disk mirroring. In the United States, the Workgroup Servers are supported around the clock, 365 days a year by a technical hotline and come with optional accelerated service plans to fit the needs of a range of customer requirements. (Service agreements vary in other parts of the world.) Apple's servers also come with high-capacity storage drives, including quadruple-speed CD-ROM drives and hard-disk drives with up to four-gigabytes of storage capacity.

AppleShare 4.1--90 Percent Faster

The latest version of AppleShare--version 4.1--is designed specifically for the advanced PowerPC processor and runs an average of 90 percent faster than previous versions of AppleShare for PowerPC (based on Apple internal benchmarks using AppleShare 4.1 and the new Workgroup Server systems).

While server performance will vary depending on system configurations and the tasks being performed, Apple reports that AppleShare 4.1 running on the new Workgroup Servers 6150/66, 8150/110 and 9150/120 performs 90 percent faster (on average) than AppleShare 4.0.2 running on existing 6150, 8150 and 9150 servers (running at 60, 80 and 80 megahertz, respectively). AppleShare 4.1 on existing Workgroup Servers 6150, 8150 and 9150 performs 75 percent faster (on average) than AppleShare 4.0.2 running on the same servers. Performance increases were achieved by changes to both the AppleShare client and server software, including a client read-ahead and write-behind cache scheme and a new server desktop database cache.

"We are delivering on our commitment to increase AppleShare performance on the PowerPC platform," said Groff. "This effort will continue as we work towards a file-and-print solution that runs native on PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Servers from Apple."

Increased Application Performance

As a result of speedier PowerPC processor performance, a variety of software solutions developed by independent software vendors (ISVs) now run faster on the Workgroup Servers. Tests with Cumulus PowerPro 2.0.2, a client/server image database from Canto Software Inc., showed that Cumulus PowerPro is 25 percent faster on the 9150/120 than on the existing 9150 and up to 450 percent faster than the Macintosh Quadra 800. Claris FileMaker Pro Server, version 2.1, a powerful network database server software, showed a 20 percent performance increase on a 9150/120 when compared to the 9150, and approximately a 30 percent increase on the 9150/120 when compared to a similar setup on a Power Macintosh 8100/80. In addition, new versions of Adobe Systems' Print Central and Color Central, image and print server productivity software, performed up to 40 percent faster on the 9150/120 than on the existing 9150.

Server Software Solutions

In addition, Apple has added leading client/server productivity and server administration software tools to its Workgroup Server solutions, including Now Contact and Now Up-to-Date for workgroup contact management, calendaring and scheduling from Now Software Inc. of Portland, Oregon; Server Manager for remote AppleShare administration from Santorini Consulting and Design Inc. of San Francisco, Calif.; FileWave for software distribution and management from Wave Research Inc. of Berkeley, Calif.; Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF (portable document format) files from Adobe Systems Inc. of Mountain View, Calif.; and Viper Instant-Access for fast reliable access to key business information such as company telephone directories, price lists and customer contact lists from IT Design USA, headquartered in Los Gatos, Calif.

Availability, Upgrades and Pricing

The new Workgroup Servers 6150/66, 8150/110 and 9150/120 are expected to be available from Apple authorized dealers in the U.S. beginning in April 1995. The new Workgroup Servers range in price from $2,549 to $8,709. Upgrade kits, which include a higher speed logic board, System 7.5.1, Apple RAID Software 1.0.2 and other components will be available for the Workgroup Server 8150 and 9150 beginning in May 1995. A separate software update kit, which includes System 7.5.1 and Apple RAID Software 1.0.2, will be available for a nominal shipping and handling charge to current PowerPC processor-based Workgroup Server customers in May 1995 (with proof of purchase).

AppleShare 4.1 will be available and come pre-installed on several Workgroup Server configurations, along with System 7.5.1 and Apple RAID Software, beginning in April. All PowerPC-based Workgroup Server and Power Macintosh customers with AppleShare 4.0.2 can upgrade to version 4.1 by calling (408) 862-3385. Workgroup Server customers can receive the 4.1 upgrade for a nominal shipping and handling charge; Power Macintosh customers can receive the upgrade for $199 plus shipping and handling (proof of purchase required). AppleShare 4.1 will not be available for purchase separately.

Customers interested in more information on the latest Workgroup Server solutions from Apple should contact the ABS Network Information Hotline at (408) 862-3385 (AppleLink: abs.netinfo; Internet e-mail: Customers can also get more information on Workgroup Servers products by phoning Apple's Fax-On-Demand at (800)-GO APPLE (choose option 2); or Apple's World-Wide Web page at In Europe customers interested in more information should contact their Regional European Apple Office.

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