Apple's Feature-Complete OpenDoc Software Released to 50,000 Developers

Momentum Grows As Developers Pledge Commitment

SAN JOSE, California--May 8, 1995--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that it is releasing the first feature-complete version of its OpenDoc component software toolkit for Apple Macintosh personal computers to 50,000 developers worldwide.

Today, at Apple's week-long Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, over 3,500 attendees will receive the OpenDoc Developer Release 2 CD for Macintosh. In addition, Apple is mailing the CD, which includes comprehensive documentation, to its large base of registered developers, and both MacTech Magazine and Develop, The Apple Technical Journal, are distributing the CD in their July and June issues, respectively. The OpenDoc DR 2 for Macintosh can also be obtained by developers through the Internet.

OpenDoc is a component software architecture that reduces the complexity and increases the flexibility of software for both users and developers. With OpenDoc, developers can easily modify and reuse the same building blocks of code for multiple platforms, including Macintosh, Windows, 0S/2 and UNIX. This capability provides developers with expanded options and reduces their development time.

"This is a very important milestone for developers," said David Nagel, senior vice president for Apple's Worldwide Research and Development division. "The distribution of a full-featured, stable version of OpenDoc marks the beginning of a new era of software development. Developers can now begin to add OpenDoc support to existing applications and create new OpenDoc-based software."

Developers Commit to OpenDoc

"For us, OpenDoc is the immediate future," said Michel Bouyges, project manager at Abvent R & D, a Paris-based developer of high-end 3D modeling and rendering software. "It is a major step for the software industry, and for the first time, gives us a real possibility for constructing software with the idea of reusability, therefore increasing our productivity."

"OpenDoc enables the software industry to bring innovative new products to the market and is the most important software breakthrough of the 90s," said Mark Butje, sales and marketing director for Route 66 Geographic Information Systems, developer of route planning software and hardware products. "With OpenDoc, a user will be able to integrate all kinds of powerful software parts, from different vendors, in one document. OpenDoc is key for next generation personal computers."

Among the growing list of international developers who are currently supporting OpenDoc are: Symantec Corporation, Quasar Knowledge Systems, Metrowerks, Inc., Heizer Software, Pictorious Incorporated, Route 66 Geographic Systems, Paperfree Corporation, Theta Group, Swift Software, Something Good, Inc., Neuron Data, Modular Software Ltd., Big Chief Software, B&E Software, Appropriate Solutions, Faustino Forcen, Frank Lefebvre, Koshin Graphics Systems, Interactive Media Corporation, Minds in Motion, OpeNBook Co., Ltd., AETIS - Protections Locicielles, Diwan-Science & Information Technology Ltd., Jovian Systems, Inc. Oberon Microsystems, Inc., Abvent R & D, Maris Multimedia Ltd., Pole Position Software, TSE International, Hogia Ledarstod, Alsoft srl, and Interstudio S.r.l.

Benefits of Component Software

With OpenDoc, developers can now focus on specific areas of development expertise, because applications created with OpenDoc can be mixed and matched seamlessly with other software components, across vendors and platforms--on the desktop and over the network. OpenDoc provides the industry-wide compatibility developers need to build tailored solutions that work quickly and easily.

OpenDoc technology is sponsored by Component Integration Laboratories, Inc. (CI Labs), an independent association whose members include Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Computer, Inc., IBM Corporation, Lotus, Novell, Inc., Object Management Group (OMG), and Taligent. In addition to Apple's development of OpenDoc implementations for Macintosh, IBM is developing OpenDoc for OS/2 and AIX, and Novell for the Windows platform. Apple plans to ship final OpenDoc software developer kits in the fall.

Developers interested in obtaining the OpenDoc component software toolkit for Macintosh can request a CD at Internet address:

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