Apple Launches Family Computing Workshops To Help Schools "Bring Learning Home"

Cupertino, California--June 13, 1995-- Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that it has launched a series of Family Computing Workshops designed to introduce parents to the latest personal computer and to demonstrate the many ways in which it can enhance children's learning. These workshops are being provided free to educators at 1,000 schools nationwide. Several workshops have already taken place at schools around the country, with hundreds more scheduled throughout the Summer and Fall.

"Through our workshop series, Apple hopes to inspire forums around the country in which parents and teachers will engage in an open dialogue about technology and its potential impact on children's learning," said Keith Fox, vice president of Apple's Worldwide Home Marketing Group. "By exposing parents to the latest learning products and services, and discussing ways to enhance their child's computing experience, we believe many will leave the workshop having explored, created and discovered things they never realized were possible."

Program Designed For Educators

Apple's Family Computing Workshop program was designed to provide educators with a "turn-key" solution for hosting a forum at their school. Materials can be easily customized to fit the needs of parents of children from 3 to 18 years of age.

Each school participating in the program receives a Workshop kit that includes: a planning guide, video, presentation script and visuals, CD-ROM demonstrations, promotional materials and free giveaways for 100 participants.

Among the free materials that participants receive are three 20- page Family Computer Activity Guides, created by Apple and Scholastic, Inc. Three versions of the guide exist, including one for early learning, elementary and high school aged students. These guides feature activities, ideas and tips that families might consider to enrich the computing experience. Also included is a 100-page paperback book written by the Computer Learning Foundation, with a grant from Apple, entitled "Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask Kids) About the Information Highway."

Educator Feedback is Positive

Early reports from educators around the country who have hosted a workshop in their school indicate that reception to the program and materials is very positive.

"Many parents want to help their children with learning through the computer, but need information on where to begin," said Merle Marsh, Dean of the Worcester Country School in Berlin, Maryland. "Educators are excited about having materials to hand out to parents who want to know what to buy and how to help their children learn with technology. This Workshop is exactly what we need to help parents get started. It's a perfect solution for schools."

The James Webber School in Detroit, Michigan hosted its first Family Computing Workshop in May. "It was amazing to see how excited the parents were about the technology available," said Claudia McDuffie, a teacher at the school. "There was such an enormous response for the initial workshop that we have decided to repeat the program in June. Many parents came into the workshop with the idea that the computer was difficult and required programming code knowledge to use. They were amazed at how easy it was to use and to see the impact it could have on their children."

Says Charles Stallard, Director of Information Services and Technology of the Hampton City School District in Hampton, Virginia, "Concerned parents in our community are once again making the home the vital learning place it should be, and they are looking to technology to enhance and support their efforts. The Family Computing Workshop gives these parents the guidance and direction they really need to make a difference for their children."

Bring Learning Home Initiative

Apple's Family Computing Workshop is one of several programs within a larger corporate initiative, referred to as "Bring Learning Home." This initiative has been designed to extend Apple's leadership in learning beyond the classroom and into the home through the involvement of parents and use of technology.

For More Information

In order to host a workshop, schools must have the following equipment: a Macintosh with a CD-ROM drive, a VCR and a large-screen projection device. Educators who are interested in registering for the Workshop program should call 1-800-365-7080, ext. 200.

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