Apple Unleashes Suite of New PC and Printer Products

San Francisco, California -- June 19, 1995 -- Celebrating the 10th anniversary of launching the desktop publishing era, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced a suite of powerful and customizable personal computing and color printing products that extend the Macintosh platform's leadership in key markets, including publishing, technical markets and media authoring.

At simultaneous events in San Francisco and New York, Apple introduced five new products including the Power Macintosh 9500, the most powerful and expandable Macintosh computer offered by the company to date, and a ground breaking cross-platform color laser printer, the Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS. In addition, Apple strengthened its portfolio of printer products with the debut of a truly portable color inkjet printer, a 600 dots per inch (dpi) monochrome laser printer priced under $1,000, as well as extensive enhancements to its popular desktop color inkjet printer.

The company also detailed growing software developer support for the Power Macintosh platform, as well as broad based support from leading PC and Macintosh developers, for the Power Macintosh 9500, the first Power Mac incorporating the industry standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus. More than 40 PCI developers have announced their support for the Macintosh platform and plan to have products available for use on Power Macintosh systems which incorporate the PCI bus, giving customers a broader choice of hardware add-ons that enable new business solutions.

"Apple is delivering on its strategy to provide robust and relevant solutions for our key markets: business, home, education and the entertainment industry. In combination, today's product introductions provide key customers--specifically those in publishing, technical, media authoring, mobile and home office-- with new tools that enable increased productivity and provide them with powerful new ways to express their creativity," said Daniel Eilers, senior vice president, worldwide marketing and customer solutions. "Ten years after launching the desktop publishing revolution, the Macintosh platform is poised to deliver innovative and integrated solutions that will once again dramatically improve the way people work and communicate."

Announcement Highlights

Power Macintosh 9500 Joins the Top of the Power Mac Line and Expands Apple's Lead in RISC-based Computing. The new Power Macintosh architecture combined with a new PowerPC 604 processor provides customers with up to two times the performance and over three times the memory expansion of Apple's Power Macintosh 8100/110, previously the company's top of the line model. Designed especially for professional users in publishing, technical and media authoring markets, the Power Mac 9500 is the first personal computer from Apple to incorporate the industry- standard PCI bus. This move to a high speed PCI bus provides Power Mac 9500 customers with significant performance gains and greater access to customized personal computing solutions such as graphics acceleration, digital video editing and high-speed networking via low-cost PCI cards.

In addition, Apple announced specific enhancements to the Mac OS, the industry's easiest to use operating system, for the new Power Macintosh 9500. System 7.5.2 was developed specifically for the new Power Macintosh architecture and is optimized to take advantage of the performance of the PowerPC 604 processor. Included as a component of the new OS is Open Transport, Apple's new networking software. Based on industry standards, Open Transport brings a new level of networking connectivity, control, and compatibility to Macintosh customers, while preserving and enhancing the hallmark of the Mac OS--built-in support for easy- to-use networking.

Pricing on the Power Macintosh 9500 starts at $4,999 U.S. Apple Price. (Editors' Note: See Apple Power Macintosh release, 6/19/95).

PCI Developers Bolster Support for the Mac Platform. Support for Power Macintosh from the developer community continues to grow, adding to an already impressive list of developers committed to PCI-based Power Macintosh development. Apple detailed a wide diversity of industry-leading developers who design and manufacture PCI cards that support virtually all major solution areas including: digital video production, communications, client/server computing, enterprise computing, data acquisition and high speed networking. Apple also noted the availability of more than 750 native applications optimized to take advantage of the PowerPC processor-based Power Macintosh family of computers. (Editors' Note: See Apple Developer Support release, 6/19/95)

High-quality Color LaserWriter Breaks New Ground. Apple's new Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS provides high-quality, realistic color laser printing for desktop publishing professionals, and offers an ideal solution for mixed platform workgroups in businesses, schools, copy shops, service bureaus, or any organization requiring near-photographic-quality color printing and crisp black text at an extremely competitive price. The printer provides 600 by 600 dots per inch (dpi) resolution for an unprecedented level of photographic detail, and 39 PostScript and 65 TrueType fonts. Included with the printer is Apple's ColorSync 2.0 color matching technology, Color PhotoGrade, and Contone Compression Technology that dramatically reduces the amount of memory required to run the printer. The Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS has a U.S. Apple Price of $6,989.

In a separate announcement today, Kinko's Copy Centers announced it would make the Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS and the QuickTake 150 digital camera available for use at more than 750 Kinko's locations nationwide. (Editors' Note: See New Laser Printer release, 6/19/95)

New Color Solution for Mobile Users. Small and lightweight enough to fit in any standard briefcase, yet powerful enough to print laser-quality text and graphics sums up the appealing Color StyleWriter 2200 color inkjet printer. This printer is designed to complement Apple Macintosh PowerBook computers, but can also be used on the desktop with most Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers. Weighing just over three pounds and measuring less than 12 inches across and 2.2 inches high, the Color StyleWriter 2200 can print a color page in under three minutes and offers a built-in 30-sheet paper feeder. The Color StyleWriter 2200 has a U.S. Apple Price of $419. (Editors' Note: See "Apple Unveils First Truly Portable Color Printer" release, 6/19/95)

Enhanced Usability in an Affordable Color StyleWriter. Today's introduction of an enhanced Color StyleWriter 2400 unifies Apple's family of inkjet printers, which now share a suite of high-end usability features normally found only in much more expensive printers. Both the Color StyleWriter 2200 and the Color StyleWriter 2400 include support for ColorSync 2.0. The printer has a U.S. Apple Price of $429. (Editors' Note: See "Apple Updates Low Cost StyleWriter 2400" release, 6/19/95)

New Personal LaserWriter Smashes Price Barriers. Featuring the low Apple Price of $929 in the U.S. and weighing in at only 15 pounds, the Apple Personal LaserWriter 4/600 PS is ideal for small and home offices with limited space. This monochrome laser printer for Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers offers 600 dpi PostScript printing and is one of the best grayscale image printers of its type on the market today. (Editors' Note: See "Apple Smashes Price Barrier" release, 6/19/95)


The Apple Power Macintosh 9500, the Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS, the Color StyleWriter 2200, the StyleWriter 2400 and the LaserWriter 4/600 PS are available immediately in the U.S. and other selected regions worldwide through Apple authorized resellers. For full pricing please refer to the news releases cited above. For the location of the reseller nearest them, customers in the U.S. can call 800-538-9696. Customers outside the United States should contact their local Apple representatives for more information. Product availability and pricing may vary outside of the U.S.

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