Apple Acquires E-Mail Software for the Internet

Cupertino, California--June 29, 1995--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced it has acquired a server software package formerly known as MailShare, an easy-to-use, Macintosh-based electronic-mail server designed specifically for managing messages on the Internet. Apple announced plans to rename the product to the Apple Internet Mail Server and its intention to continue making the current version of the software available as freeware on the Internet.

The server software, acquired from Internet software developer Glenn Anderson, supports the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3), two mainstream standards for Internet e-mail. The software allows Internet users to send and receive e-mail over the Internet from any personal computer that supports the SMTP and POP3 standards, such as Eudora Pro and Eudora Lite for Macintosh and Windows, POPmail II, and the PowerTalk gateway available from Starnine Technologies, Inc.

"Our acquisition of the MailShare technology provides us with one more tool in our ongoing effort to make the Internet easy to use," said Doug McLean, director of Apple's CyberTech Products group. "Apple intends to leverage the technology in its Internet server products, such as the Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web, and in its existing e-mail products, PowerTalk and PowerShare."

Apple also today announced that Internet software developer Glenn Anderson, who developed the product formerly known as MailShare, will join Apple as a software engineer. "We are excited that Glenn is moving from his Dunedin, New Zealand home to join the Apple development team here in Cupertino. We expect he will be a great asset to our ongoing Internet software development efforts," said McLean.


Apple expects to continue to make the current freeware version of the Apple Internet Mail Server (formerly known as MailShare) available on the Internet. It can be downloaded at

As is the nature of freeware software, Apple does not plan to provide support for the freeware version. Over time, Apple intends to commercialize the Apple Internet Mail Server by further enhancing the product's features and providing technical support. Specific feature development, product availability and pricing for a commercialized version of the Apple Internet Mail Server is not available at this time.

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