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From: Jim Tobin <>
Subject: Why I Prefer Macintosh Contest
Date: 1995/12/07
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Why I Prefer Macintosh Contest

Tell us why you think Macintosh computers are better than PCs running
Windows 95. If we post your entry, we'll send you an Apple t-shirt (so be
sure to include your current mailing address).

At the end of 1995, we'll choose the entry that gives the most compelling
Macintosh advantages, and we'll send that person a Power Macintosh 7500.

             MAIL YOUR ENTRY TO:

                               Official Rules

  1. This contest is open to anyone who is both over 18 years of age and
     also a resident of the United States. All federal, state and local laws
     and regulations apply. Offer void in Vermont and where prohibited,
     taxed or otherwise restricted under federal, state or local laws, rules
     or regulations.

  2. To enter the contest, write an essay of 1000 words or less and send
     your completed entry in an e-mail message to
     or on a disk or sheet of paper to the address stated in paragraph 12.
     of these rules. Include your current mailing address. Incomplete
     entries will not be considered. Entries will be accepted beginning on
     Aug. 23, 1995.

  3. Apple Computer, Inc. is not responsible for misdirected, lost, late or
     mutilated entries.

  4. Entrants may submit more than one entry.

  5. The prizes are:

     GRAND PRIZE:        Power Macintosh 7500
                         16MB RAM
                         500MB Hard Disk
                         CD-ROM drive
                         Apple Multiple Scan 17" Display
                         (Approximate retail value: $3,600)

     150 FIRST PRIZES:   Apple T-shirts (Approximate retail value: $8 each)

     TOTAL PRIZES:       Approximate retail value:  $4,800

  6. The three (3) judges will be from Apple's Macintosh Marketing group and
     are knowledgeable in the field of marketing. The judges will consider
     the following criteria in determining the winners:

     Compelling Macintosh advantages - 100%

     Decisions of the judges will be made in Cupertino, CA and are final as
     to all matters relating to this contest.

  7. Each entrant warrants that his/her entry is original and owned by
     him/her, free of any claims by other parties.

  8. The judging for the Grand Prize will take place on January 5nd, 1996.
     The Grand Prize winner will be announced on January 10th, 1996 and will
     be notified by both e-mail and the current mailing address listed.
     Prizes are non-transferable. There will be no substitution of prizes
     and no cash will be awarded in lieu of merchandise or awards. Winners
     should allow 1 month for delivery of the prizes after notification of
     winning. The award of any prize to any winner is subject to
     verification of the Affirmation of Eligibility, Ownership of
     Submission, Release and Compliance Statement. If Apple Computer, Inc.
     is unable to locate a given winner or to verify the given winner's
     Affirmation Statement, after reasonable efforts, an alternate winner
     will be selected by the judges based on the judging criteria. Prize
     winner is responsible for all applicable taxes.

  9. If your entry is selected as the Grand Prize winner, an Affirmation of
     Eligibility, Ownership of Submission, Release and Compliance Statement
     will be mailed to you. The executed Affirmation of Eligibility,
     Ownership of Submission, Release and Compliance Statement must be
     received at the address stated below on or before February 10th 1996 in
     order to be awarded your prize. Entries will be disqualified if the
     executed Affirmation of Eligibility, Ownership of Submission, Release
     and Compliance Statement is not received by September 10th 1995. If an
     entry is disqualified an alternate winner will be selected by the
     judges based on the judging criteria. If your entry is selected as a
     prize winner, you agree that Apple can post all or part of your entry
     on Apple's Internet web site.

 10. Entering the contest constitutes permission to Apple Computer, Inc. and
     its agents and affiliated companies to use the name, photograph, and
     likeness of the prize winners, and any statements, quotes,
     testimonials, photographs, designs, models, software and/or any other
     audio-visual materials provided by the entrant, for advertising, trade
     and publicity purposes and grants Apple Computer, Inc. and its
     authorized agents and assigns the rights to reprint, display,
     reproduce, perform or exhibit the Work without limitation and without
     any additional compensation to the winner or any other party. Winners
     agree that Apple Computer, Inc., its advertising agencies, affiliates
     and employees shall have no liability in connection with acceptance or
     use of the prizes awarded herein.

 11. Upon receipt, the actual entry submitted becomes the property of Apple
     Computer, Inc. and will not be returned. Ownership of the underlying
     Work remains the property of the entrant subject to Apple Computer,
     Inc.'s rights to reprint, display, reproduce, perform, and exhibit the
     Work as provided in Rule No.10, above.

 12. For additional copies of the Official Rules, Affirmation of
     Eligibility, Ownership of Submission, Release and Compliance Statement
     please contact:

        Apple Computer, Inc.
        1 Infinite Loop, MS: 76-5A
        Cupertino, CA  95014
        Attn:  Why Mac Contest

 13. Employees of Apple Computer, Inc., Apple affiliates, subsidiaries,
     resellers, advertising and promotional agencies and their immediate
     families are not eligible to enter the contest.

 14. For a list of winners, please send e-mail to
     or a stamped self-addressed envelope to the address listed in paragraph

Jim Tobin, Sr. System Engineer     907/349-3755 voice
Apple Computer, Inc.               907/349-7507 fax
AppleLink: J.TOBIN                 eWorld: J.TOBIN

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