Why Mac? Contest Winner Announced: Windows 95 Beta Tester Prefers Mac, Takes Home Power Macintosh 7500 Grand Prize

SAN FRANCISCO, California--January 23, 1996--Apple Computer Inc. today announced the winner of an essay contest asking users to write why they preferred the Mac platform over PCs running Windows 95. Thousands of contestants logged on Apple's Internet home page to participate in the contest, which began last August to coincide with Microsoft 's Windows 95 launch. David Caren, a Los Angeles computer consultant, was selected as the grand prize winner and received a Power Macintosh 7500.

"David Caren clearly articulated what was probably the most common theme in the entries: the Macintosh is easier to use, expand, and troubleshoot than PCs running Windows 95," said Dave Garr, Apple marketing manager and contest supervisor. "In addition, Mr. Caren recognized the Mac's advanced multimedia capabilities that he could 'only dream about' with the PC."

Mr. Caren, a former Windows 95 beta tester, was enticed by the Mac after a friend showed him the computer's cutting-edge multimedia and advanced graphics capabilities. But it was also the seamless interface and reliability of the Macintosh computer that convinced him to convert from Windows 95.

"At work, I am a network administrator. I manage a Windows 95 network and a Mac network," said David Caren, Apple's contest winner. "I spend all day fixing crashes on the Windows 95 network but I never get one call from the art department to fix the Macs because they just work."

One hundred and fifty "Been There, Done That" t-shirts were also awarded to contestants for their innovative entries, including a videotape of a twenty month-old girl booting up and using her home Macintosh.

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