Apple Computer Names Gilbert F. Amelio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Succeeding Michael Spindler

Cupertino, California--February 2, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced that its Board of Directors agreed that it was in the best interest of Apple Computer to have a transition in leadership. Accordingly, the Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio, formerly Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Semiconductor Corporation, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Apple, effective immediately. Spindler will no longer serve as a member of Apple's Board of Directors.

Dr. Amelio, 52, joined Apple's Board in November 1994, and has a first-hand working knowledge of Apple. In assuming the positions of Chairman and CEO of Apple, he has resigned from his management roles at National Semiconductor. Dr. Amelio joined National Semiconductor in 1991.

The transformation at National Semiconductor under Dr. Amelio's leadership resulted in that company becoming highly focused on specific lines of business while achieving record financial results for the past two years.

A.C. Markkula, Jr., founding member of Apple Computer, Inc. and former Chairman of the Board, will continue to serve Apple as the company's Vice Chairman.

Dr. Amelio said, "As an avid Apple user since the days of the Apple II, I am delighted to be joining the management team of Apple, a company with an outstanding reputation for superior technology and customer loyalty."

Prior to joining National Semiconductor, Dr. Amelio was president of the Communications Systems Group at Rockwell International Corporation from 1983 to 1991 and had extensive experience as a scientist and engineer at Bell Labs and Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation. Dr. Amelio holds 16 patents, including a patent for the co-invention of the industry's first charge-coupled image sensor, which is used in most consumer video cameras produced today. Dr. Amelio was the recipient of the 1991 Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award for his work in the development of charge-coupled devices.

During his 16 years at Apple, Michael Spindler established Apple's international operations, which now account for more than 50% of the Company's business. In 1990, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer and moved to Cupertino to assume that position. Appointed CEO in 1993, Spindler led Apple's efforts during a difficult time for the company and guided Apple through important milestones. His tenure included some of the company's most significant achievements, such as the development of its RISC-based technology and the smooth transition of the entire Macintosh product line to the PowerPC microprocessor.

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