Apple Announces New Mac OS-Based Workgroup Servers

New Workgroup Servers Provide Complete Solutions for Web Publishing, Application Services and High-Performance AppleShare Networks

SEYBOLD-BOSTON, Massachusetts--February 26, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc., today announced two new Mac OS-based Workgroup Servers that provide faster PowerPC performance with expanded flexibility using the industry-standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) bus architecture. The new servers, which improve an already strong server product line, come bundled with one of three valuable software solutions tailored to small- and medium- sized businesses, schools, and publishing organizations. These solutions provide web publishing, Mac OS-based application services, and high-performance AppleShare file and print services.

The new Workgroup Servers 7250/120 and 8550/132 are Apple's first server products to feature the industry-standard PCI bus, allowing customers to take advantage of a broad range of expansion cards. The servers deliver Macintosh ease-of-use with RISC performance using the 120 MHz PowerPC 601 processor in the Workgroup Server 7250 and the 132 MHz PowerPC 604 processor in the Workgroup Server 8550. Both run System 7.5.3 which includes Open Transport 1.1 for faster and more reliable networking. The Workgroup Server 6150/66 remains in the product line as Apple's lowest cost Internet server.

"In order to build on an already strong server product line, we have combined faster PowerPC processors and the industry-standard PCI bus with software solutions tailored for our customers' specific needs," said Brodie Keast, vice president worldwide product marketing for Apple Computer, Inc. "The Workgroup Server 7250 and 8550 give users the performance and value they are looking for with the ease-of-use and manageability of the Macintosh."

"High-volume graphics production operators demand high performance tools, such as the Workgroup Servers from Apple, as critical components of their workflows," said Jim Betlyon, president and CEO of Luminous Corporation, a recent spin-off from Adobe Systems, Inc. "In early benchmark tests, Color Central 3.0, our popular OPI image server software, showed a tenfold increase with a peak throughput of about 50MB per minute on the Workgroup Server 8550/132, in contrast to a throughput of less than 5MB per minute running Color Central version 2.5 on the prior Workgroup Server 9150/120."

Three Valuable Software Solutions
Apple has assembled three software solution packages providing a flexible set of options for schools and businesses, ranging from Internet publishing capabilities to application services and fast file and print services. These solutions provide connectivity for both Macintosh and Windows-based PCs, and allow customers to choose a software and hardware combination which best meets their functional requirements and budget.

The Application Server Solution is an ideal platform for building an email or database server. It includes a Workgroup Server 7250 or 8550 and the Workgroup Server Solutions CD Version 2, which contains eight software applications valued at over U.S.$4,000, for workgroup productivity and server administration. The Solutions CD includes FileWave from Wave Research for automated file/data distribution; Now Contact & Now Up*to*Date from Now Software for contact management and workgroup calendar capabilities; Viper Instant Access from IT Design, a fast data lookup utility; 4-Sight Fax from 4-Sight L.C. for network-based send and receive faxing; netOctopus and Virex from Datawatch for cross-platform asset management and computer virus protection; and Skyline/Satellite from The AG Group to monitor network traffic. Apple RAID Software Version 1.1 is also included with the PCI-based Workgroup Servers to simplify the creation of mirrored volumes (RAID 1) for data redundancy and striped volumes (RAID 0) for faster data transfers.

The Apple Internet Server Solution 2.0 [ ] provides webmasters with award-winning software from industry-leading Internet developers to easily and cost-effectively publish HTML, graphics, audio, video and database information on the web. This enhanced version, with software worth over U.S.$4,000, is a cross platform solution allowing access by all World Wide Web clients using operating systems including Mac OS, Windows and UNIX. This solution includes PageMill 1.0 from Adobe, a ground-breaking application which allows users to easily create sophisticated web pages without learning HTML; RealAudio Server 1.0 from Progressive Networks, which allows users to serve audio content from their web site; Tango and Butler SQL from EveryWare Development, which allows webmasters to create powerful web-database solutions and many other useful applications.

The AppleShare Server Solution contains AppleShare 4.2.1 [ ] file and print server software. This version incorporates a PowerPC native file server engine and native XTI interfaces of Open Transport 1.1 to increase server performance and to support up to four simultaneous network segments, including 100BaseTX. AppleShare 4.2.1 also supports up to 3000 open files and up to 250 concurrent log-ons, and runs at twice the speed of AppleShare 4.1. This bundle includes Server Manager from Santorini Consulting for remote administration of an AppleShare server; AppleShare Client for Windows, which allows Windows-based PCs to share files and printers on AppleTalk-based networks; Apple Remote Access Multiport Server Software for remote connections to the server; Retrospect Remote from Dantz Development to backup data on the server and networked clients (DAT configurations only); and the Workgroup Server Solutions CD Version 2. The software in this solution is valued at more than U.S.$6,000.

Three Powerful Hardware Platforms
All three Workgroup Servers feature a high-performance PowerPC processor and built-in Ethernet and LocalTalk capabilities with support for AppleTalk and TCP/IP protocols.

The Workgroup Server 8550/132 [ ] is Apple's most powerful and expandable Mac OS-based server [ ] , designed to meet the needs of publishing and other performance-demanding customers. This server features a 132 MHz PowerPC 604 processor on an upgradable processor card, three PCI slots, two SCSI DMA buses for transfers up to 10 MB/sec, one 7200 RPM 2GB hard disk with bracket and cable for a second drive, quadruple speed CD-ROM drive, 512 KB level-2 cache, 24MB of memory expandable to 512 MB, optional 4mm DDS-2 DAT drive (to 12GB compressed data), and eight ports for a wide range of peripheral options. For customers who purchased the 68040-based Workgroup Server 80 or the PowerPC NuBus-based Workgroup Server 8150, Apple plans to provide a logic board upgrade to the Workgroup Server 8550.

The Workgroup Server 7250/120 [ ] is an affordable and versatile server, ideal for small businesses or schools. This system features a 120 MHz PowerPC 601 processor, three PCI slots, one SCSI DMA bus to connect up to seven SCSI devices, a 1.2GB hard disk, quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive, 256 KB level-2 cache, 16 MB of memory expandable to 256 MB, and eight ports for a wide range of peripheral options. The Workgroup Server 7250/120 enclosure is designed for easy access, making it simple for customers to add memory, PCI cards and even another hard disk drive.

The Workgroup Server 6150/66 [ ] remains in the server product line as the lowest-priced Apple server. It comes bundled with the Apple Internet Server Solution to create and publish information on the web, and features a 66 MHz PowerPC 601 processor, a 1.2GB hard drive, quadruple-speed CD-ROM drive, 256K level-2 cache, and 16 MB of memory expandable to 72 MB.

Service and Support
Included with each Workgroup Server is a one-year on-site hardware warranty, with lifetime hardware phone support and 90-day software phone support. Apple also offers fee-based direct support options.

Pricing and Availability

The new Workgroup Servers can be ordered beginning March 4, 1996, and include complete set-up and reference documentation. The Application Server Solution is expected to be available immediately, and the AppleShare Server and Apple Internet Server are expected to be available within 30 days. Prices outside the U.S. may vary.

Application Server Solutions

Part No. Description                                       U.S. Apple Price

M4335/A  Workgroup Server 7250/120  16/1.2GB/CD w/Solutions CD     $2,889
M4342/A  Workgroup Server 8550/132  24/2GB/CD/DAT w/ Solutions CD  $7,199

Apple Server Solution

Part No. Description                                       U.S. Apple Price

M4336/A  Workgroup Server 7250/120 16/1.2GB/CD                     $3,719
          w/AppleShare 4.2.1 and Solutions CD
M4343/A  Workgroup Server 8550/132  24/2GB/CD                      $6,879
          w/AppleShare 4.2.1 and Solutions CD
M4340/A  Workgroup Server 8550/132  24/2GB/CD/DAT                  $7,999
         w/AppleShare 4.2.1 and Solutions CD

Apple Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web

Part No. Description                                      U.S. Apple Price

M4692/A  Workgroup Server 6150/66   16/1.2GB/CD w/Internet SW      $2,299
M4337/A  Workgroup Server 7250/120  16/1.2GB/CD w/Internet SW      $3,299
M4341/A  Workgroup Server 8550/132  24/2GB/CD w/Internet SW        $6,449

Workgroup Server 8550 Logic Board Upgrade

Part No. Description                                      U.S. Apple Price

M4607/A  Logic Board Upgrade w/ 0 MB, System 7.5.3,                $4,169
          AppleShare 4.2.1 update kit, Apple RAID Software
         Version 1.1 ($1300 credit given to dealer upon return of
         old Logic Board to Apple)       

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