Apple Unveils New Family of High-Performance Departmental Servers

Apple's New Network Servers Bring Power and Reliability to Mission-Critical Business Environments

SEYBOLD-BOSTON, Massachusetts--February 26, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. delivers new levels of performance and reliability with today's introduction of its innovative Network Server family. Engineered and designed from the ground up as high-performance servers, the Network Servers 500/132 and 700/150, which run the AIX operating system, deliver the power and scalability required to manage the distribution of extremely large files across networks under heavy demand. The new systems offer advanced, high-availability features to ensure the servers operate seven days a week. By tightly integrating the Network Servers with its desktop systems, Apple now offers a scalable client/server solution for production, MIS and network managers in business and education environments.

"The new Network Servers are the perfect choice for commercial publishing environments, especially those already using Macintosh computers," said Brodie Keast, vice president worldwide product marketing for Apple Computer. "In addition to high reliability, the new Network Servers provide the high performance required in production departments where storing, moving and manipulating extremely large graphics files is common. By listening to our customers during the initial design process, we are able to offer the operating system, performance levels, ease-of-use, and features our customers need in a departmental server at an attractive price."

World-Class Server Design
The Network Server 500 and 700 systems [ ] are built on the scalable PowerPC 604 RISC-based microprocessor, offering processor speeds up to 150 megahertz. Both Network Server models come with two built-in Fast/Wide SCSI-2 channels to optimize hard disk performance and can support up to 512MB of main memory. These systems include two industry-standard Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) buses and slots for up to six PCI cards. The PCI buses provide Network Server customers with significant performance gains and access to additional hardware expansion cards.

Unlike servers from competitors, Apple's unique Network Server enclosure features advanced component redundancy for high availability, easy component access and physical security with key-controlled access to all major parts. In fact, all major server components, including the logic board, can be replaced within 60 seconds. Both systems support redundant, hot-swappable disk drives and cooling fans. The Network Server 700 also supports optional redundant, hot-swappable power supplies for mission-critical environments. This means customers can remove, service and replace one of the two power supplies without having to take the server off-line. This seamless plug-and-play hardware design will help system managers easily upgrade, reconfigure or service the Network Servers.

The storage bays are easy to access and very flexible, giving customers the ability to install seven 3.5"or 5.25" half-height drives or three 5.25" full-height SCSI devices. Customers can also incorporate advanced third-party SCSI devices and build external disk farms by working with FWB, Inc. and MicroNet Technology, Inc., two industry-leading Macintosh storage solution providers.

"Apple really did its homework with the Network Server line," said Chuck Goolsbee, director of MIS at TPD Publishing, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. "We have been running the new servers in our publishing environment for months and are very impressed with the speed and reliability of the new systems. The server design is better than any I have ever seen."

AIX Operating System
Apple has licensed IBM's AIX 4.1.4 UNIX operating system (OS) to ensure that Network Servers are fast, reliable and compatible with current industry standards. Apple chose the AIX OS for the Network Servers because many publishing customers currently use UNIX-based servers in demanding server environments.

Apple added high-performance network and I/O drivers tailor-made for the Network Servers and the highest performance AppleTalk stack to maximize the server's hardware performance and ensure interoperability. Recent performance benchmarks conducted by Apple indicate that Apple's Network Servers offer superior Internet and Macintosh file server performance when compared to competing UNIX-based servers from Sun Microsystems.

AppleTalk Services
With AppleTalk Services, Apple has created a new infrastructure that allows Apple and its third-party software partners to provide true AppleTalk-based client/server programs for UNIX applications running on the Network Server that can be managed from a remote Macintosh or PowerBook.

Apple will initially provide two utilities based on AppleTalk Services--The Disk Management Utility to simplify disk administration and CommandShell, a multi-windowing VT102 terminal emulator included with AIX for Apple Network Servers. "We have kept the core AIX OS in place while adding ease-of-use management tools," said Apple's Keast. "Disk management and other UNIX tasks that might have taken hours or even days to complete can now be done in seconds with a point and click of a mouse."

Server Trial Solutions
Bundled with AIX OS for Apple Network Servers are CD-ROMs with Try and Buy Trial Software from American Power Conversion (APC), Helios Software GmbH, IPT Inc., and Legato Systems. This software program is provided for customers to use, evaluate and purchase directly from the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) or their channel partners. The following software is included:

Apple is also a member of the AIX Multiple Vendor Program. A joint testing and certification process ensures binary compatibility of AIX for Apple Network Servers, allowing thousands of applications such as Netscape's World Wide Web (WWW) server products to run unmodified without recompilation.

Service and Support
Included with each Network Server is a one-year on-site hardware warranty, with lifetime hardware phone support and 90-day software phone support. Apple offers fee-based direct support options as well, including 7-days-a-week, 24-hour phone coverage and priority queuing.

Network Server Hardware
The Network Server 500/132 is Apple's most affordable departmental server providing advanced server features with a 132-megahertz PowerPC 604 processor, 512K of level-2 memory cache, and up to 512MB of memory expansion. It is capable of supporting up to 24 gigabytes of internal disk storage with room for up to six internal hard disk drives of up to four gigabytes each.

The powerful Network Server 700/150 is Apple's most scalable, reliable server for customers who demand the highest reliability, performance and expandability in a server. It includes a 150-megahertz PowerPC 604 processor, one megabyte of level-2 memory cache and supports up to 512MB of main memory. The Network Server 700/150 is capable of storing up to 32 gigabytes of internal disk capacity with room for up to eight internal hard disk drives of up to four gigabytes each. Compared to the Network Server 500/132, the Network Server 700/150 includes a faster PowerPC processor, more level-2 memory cache, greater internal disk capacity and an optional redundant, hot-swappable power supply.

Pricing and Availability
The Network Servers can be ordered beginning March 4, 1996, and are expected to be available within 30 days. U.S. Pricing for the various Network Server configurations is listed below. The AIX OS system software is sold separately and listed below. Customers will need to purchase both the hardware configuration and the AIX for Apple Network Servers Accessory Kit. Prices outside the U.S. may vary.

Part No.  Description                                       U.S. Apple Price
M3469LL/A  Network Server 500/132 (32MB,512K,CD-ROM)               $8,819
M3468LL/A  Network Server 500/132 (32MB,512K,2G Disk,DAT2,CD-ROM)  $10,969
M3471LL/A  Network Server 700/150 (32MB,1MB,1G Disk,CD-ROM)        $11,829
M3470LL/A  Network Server 700/150 (48MB,1MB,4G Disk,DAT2,CD-ROM)   $14,999
M4017Z/A   Network Server 16MB Parity Memory Kit (2x8MB)           $879
M4018Z/A   Network Server 32MB Parity Memory Kit (2x16MB)          $1,759
M4019Z/A   Network Server 64MB Parity Memory Kit (2x32MB)          $3,519
M4022Z/A   Network Server 2GB F/W SCSI-2 Disk in Removable Tray    $1,149
M4023Z/A   Network Server 4GB F/W SCSI-2 Disk in Removable Tray    $1,739
M4818Z/A   Network Server 700 2GB Fixed disk with Bracket          $1,149
M4819Z/A   Network Server 700 2x4GB Fixed disks with Bracket       $3,479
M4025Z/A   Network Server DAT-2 Tape Drive (4G/12G) with Tray      $1,279
M4024Z/A   Network Server Quad Speed CD-ROM in Removable Tray      $329
M4030Z/A   Network Server PCI RAID Disk Array Card                 $2,309
M4031Z/A   Network Server External SCSI Cable for RAID Card        $99
M4709Z/A   Apple PCI Ethernet Card                                 $159
M3906Z/A   Apple PCI Ethernet 100baseTX Card                       $329
M4035Z/A   Network Server 700 Redundant Power Supply               $829
M4036Z/A   Network Server 19-inch Rack Mount Kit                   $189
M4028Z/A   Network Server Third Party SCSI Drive Adapter Kit       $159
           (50-pin and 68-pin)
M4029Z/A   Network Server Third Party Front Drive Bezel Kit        $39
           (DAT2 and CD-ROM drive bezels)
M4525Z/A   AIX for Apple Network Servers Accessory Kit             $1,489

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