WWDC 1996

An Overview of the Apple WWDC

Get topics, dates, places, and times as they become available.

To make your initial attendance planning easier, the major topics of the conference and session titles are now available. For further attendance planning, a link to the full conference agenda [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/Agenda.html ], with day assignments of major conference tracks and sessions has been added to this page.

Please visit this page again to learn more about WWDC96 as it develops.

The Agenda/Timetable

This preliminary agenda outlines the current conference tracks and corresponding session titles by day. It is subject to change and will be updated as further details are put into place.


Development Tools
New Media Authoring

Interactive Media

Internet & Apple Communications


Systems Hardware

Business & Market Development

Feedback Forums
Vendor Exposition

WWDC96 Track Descriptions

The conference will contain three categories of sessions pertaining to technical development, skills development and training opportunities, and developer business development.

The core of the conference will be technical issues regarding MacOS, hardware, and software in the following categories:

  • Copland [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/cop.html ]
  • OpenDoc [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/open.html ]
  • Internet & Apple Communications [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/interapp.html ]
  • Interactive Media [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/intact.html ]
  • Systems Hardware [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/systh.html ]
  • Development Tools [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/devt.html ]
  • Business & Market Development [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/busmd.html ]
  • Licensing [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/licen.html ]
  • New Media Authoring [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/nmed.html ]
  • WWDC Special Events [ http://www.info.wwdc.carlson.com/CMG/events.html ]

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