Apple Announces Corporate Reorganization

Organization to Reflect Recently Announced Strategic Plan; New Structure to Enhance Flexibility, Accountability and Customer Focus

Cupertino, California--May 30, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. completed today a new organization designed to support the implementation of the Company's corporate strategy.

The organization structure, effective June 1, is designed to enhance managerial accountability and improve customer focus through clear business processes. "Now that we've taken the time to thoroughly assess our company, our products, and the dynamics of the marketplace, we're ready to implement an organizational structure designed to support our revised strategy," said Apple Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Gilbert F. Amelio.

Under the new organization, six senior executives will report to Dr. Amelio. They are the chief operating officer, chief administrative officer, chief technical officer, chief financial officer, senior vice president of corporate marketing, and vice president of strategic planning. Details are as follows:

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Marco Landi, formerly president of Apple Europe, Middle East, and Africa, will be accountable for the overall implementation of Apple's business plans. He will oversee six distinct profit and loss centers, including Apple's four recently announced product divisions, as well as Claris Corporation and AppleAssist. In addition, he will be responsible for segment marketing and worldwide sales. His organization is as follows:

Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

George Scalise, who joined Apple on March 11, 1996, will oversee developer relations, licensing, human resources, external relations, facilities, communications, and Apple's legal department.

Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Amelio will oversee this function on an interim basis until a permanent leader is named. The following functional areas will report to the CTO:

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Fred Anderson, who joined Apple on April 1, 1996 will provide strategic, structural and procedural leadership in financial management; shareholder and investor relations; tax, customs, and records management; mergers and acquisitions; and information systems.

Senior Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Marketing

Satjiv Chahil, Apple's top marketing executive, will lead a strengthened organization responsible for direction-setting in overall marketing and advertising campaigns and ensuring alignment in the execution of all marketing programs.

Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Planning

Headed by Dr. Douglas Solomon, this team will be responsible for development and implementation of the strategic planning process for the Company. Dr. Solomon will also manage the Corporate Development function and in that capacity will report to CFO Fred Anderson.

Concurrently, Apple announced the resignation of James J. Buckley, senior vice president and president of Apple Americas, who has chosen to pursue other interests. "Jim Buckley has made an immeasurable impact on Apple, our employees, and our customers during his 11-year tenure with the Company," said Dr. Amelio. "His intellect, leadership, and great wit will be sorely missed, and we wish him the best as he continues to advance in his career."

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