Apple Ships Newest Version of Mac OS, Delivers Easy Install

System 7.5.3 Offers Latest Mac Upgrades, Internet Connection

Cupertino, California--July 2, 1996--Apple Computer, Inc. today announced an upgrade to the retail version of its Mac operating system designed to significantly enhance overall system stability, while delivering some performance improvements for Apple Macintosh and Mac OS compatible computers. System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 includes a universal system folder that can boot systems as far back as the Mac Plus, as well as the Apple Internet Connection Kit, Apple's popular offering for making Internet access easy for anyone.

System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 also updates major system features and technologies for network communications and multimedia and further enhances Apple's leadership in innovative easy-to-use technologies. In addition, this upgrade supports a very broad range of Macintosh systems which will make installation and technical support much easier.

System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is an update to Apple's current retail System 7.5 product. It offers all the system reliability and performance improvements included in previous in non-retail releases, including System 7.5 Update 2.0, System 7.5.3 Revision 2, LaserWriter 8.3.4 and support for up to 8X CD-ROM drives.

Key features of System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 for support professionals are a convenient one-button install for all supported systems, a universal system folder that can boot any Mac system from the Mac Plus to currently shipping systems, improved installation assistance, reduced software installation time, and a bootable CD and floppy. These features enable system administrators and technical support staff to easily upgrade and support large organizations with a broad range of Macintosh systems. Customers with large numbers of Macintosh systems should consider the Volume License program as a cost-effective way of purchasing a significant number of licenses of the latest release.

System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 delivers performance improvements, with several new PowerPC native components; stability improvements, such as eliminating some causes of Type 11 errors on PowerPC based Macintosh systems; and feature enhancements, including retaining comments in the "Get Info" window after rebuilding the desktop and detailed documentation on the contents of the System Folder, Control Panels folder and Extensions folder.

The release also offers new capabilities to Apple's networked users with the integration of Open Transport 1.1, the latest standards-based networking and communications system for the Mac OS, which greatly improves performance for many Internet related tasks. Other key technologies updated in System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 include multimedia creation and viewing with QuickTime, advanced graphics with QuickDraw GX, interactive help with Apple Guide, easy three-dimension graphics with QuickDraw 3D, text to speech conversion with PlainTalk, and enhanced printing capabilities with Desktop Printing.

Included with Mac OS for the first time is OpenDoc, the multiplatform component architecture developed jointly with IBM. This capability allows access to OpenDoc-enabled software, providing the user full edit and document design. Users can customize their workspace by simply dragging and dropping components to their desktop--including connections to the Internet.

"System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is a significant release, upgrading our retail system software package with the latest Macintosh features and operating on virtually any Macintosh system," said Jim Gable, vice president of AppleSoft marketing, Apple's system software organization. "This unified release demonstrates the best traits of the Mac OS, combining ease of use with powerful technologies. It will be attractive both to customers upgrading to System 7.5 for the first time as well as current users who want one-button installation for 7.5.3. The product is also a great value by including simple Internet access based on best of class products like Netscape Navigator."

"The advent of one-button install and universal system folder in System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 have made software installation and support a much nicer part of my job," said Allan Crump, systems manager for Jones, Hall, Hill & White. "We have effortlessly upgraded multiple computers at our site without a glitch, and my end users are really excited about the product."\

Easy Access to the Internet

Included in System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is the Apple Internet Connection Kit, an integrated collection of Apple and best of class third-party software that allows a Macintosh computer user to connect directly to the Internet quickly and easily. It includes more than a dozen software applications and tools, including Netscape Navigator for the Macintosh and Claris Emailer Lite. The release also includes access to America Online, the largest and fastest-growing provider of online services in the world, which also provides easy and affordable access to services on the Internet. These Internet access products bundled with System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 in the U.S. and Canada will be different in other countries.

Price and Availability

System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is scheduled to ship in the U.S. July 1, 1996.

The estimated retail price of System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is U.S. $99, which includes the Apple Internet Connection Kit, MacLink Plus file translators, and access to America Online. Current System 7.5 customers can upgrade to the new version for U.S. $49 by calling 800-293-6617 extension 1, and provide proof of ownership. The upgrade consists of System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 and the Apple Internet Connection Kit. Localized versions of this system release will be available to customers outside the U.S. in many countries in the next 90 days.

This release is also available in the United States through the Volume License Program, a cost-effective way for customers to acquire software licenses, support and maintenance in volume for selected Apple products.

For more information, in the U.S. call 1-800-293-6617, or call
1-800-462-4396 for faxed information. In Canada, call 1-800-361-6075 for
additional  information.

System Requirements

System 7.5 Version 7.5.3 is compatible with Macintosh applications currently available and will run on Apple Macintosh and Mac OS-compatible systems.

For 680x0-based systems a minimum of 4MB of RAM is required (5 MB is required for Open Transport; 8 MB to run OpenDoc, PowerTalk, and QuickDraw GX). For Power Macintosh or other PowerPC-based systems a minimum of 8MB of RAM is required (16 MB is required for OpenDoc, PowerTalk and QuickDraw GX). (Note: Some features may only be available on specific computer models.)

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