Apple quizzes developers over Copland


October 2, 1996

Apple has begun discussions with major software developers to find a way to implement its decision to roll out operating system software upgrades on a twice-yearly basis.

The hardware manufacturer has only just started to plan how it will keep a promise, made in July, to turn the forthcoming System 8 Mac operating system, codenamed Copland, into components, subject to a series of releases rather than one single roll-out.

The staggered delivery is intended, in part, to offset sizable delays in the release of Copland, which was originally due to ship this year, but is now not expected to be completed until 1998.

Independent software developers said last week that Apple has floated a tentative timetable for releasing key components of the operating system.

These plans include a January release for an update to the System 7.5 operating system which would integrate support for the OpenDoc object model, the Cyberdog Internet access application suite, QuickTime and the QuickDraw 3D graphics facilities.

This roll out is expected to include microkernel modules for supporting pre-emptive multitasking and multithreading for specific tasks within the system. A release scheduled for the third quarter of 1997 should incorporate a user-customisable interface, enhanced memory management for symmetrical multiprocessing and a new driver model.

The final System 8 roll out, due in 1998, is planned to offer completely PowerPC-optimised code, protected memory and the complete microkernel architecture.

- Additional reporting by IDG News Wire staff.

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