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From: (Kenneth H. Wieschhoff, Jr.)
Subject: *FREE* Apple Mac Developer Road Show 11/15
Date: 1996/10/26
Message-ID: <>#1/1
X-Deja-AN: 192313398
organization: Siren Enterprises
newsgroups: atl.general

The Macintosh Developer Road Show, which originally 
cost $99 to attend, is now free to anyone who registers for it. Here are 
some details on the subjects this event will cover:

* Internet: Learn how Apple is going to make the Internet as easy to use 
as the Macintosh. Other topics covered include: how Apple provides low-
cost Internet solutions today; how Apple enables and promotes the 
development of the best-of-class tools for creating high-impact media-
rich content for the Internet; and how Apple is working with leading 
media industry players to help them take optimal advantage of Apple 
Internet technologies.

* Mac OS: Get an update covering the new system software release 
strategy, details on the upcoming January release, and an overview of 
the July release. Find out how Mac OS 8 technologies will be rolled into 
the next several releases in the System 7.x base. The future will be 
easier to plan for if you know what's coming down the road.

* Components: This session will provide both a strategic and technical 
overview of software based on the OpenDoc component architecture. Topics 
include the integration of OpenDoc with Java and Java Beans, multi-
platform OpenDoc, integration of OpenDoc with the Mac OS, container 
application development, and Cyberdog, Apple's evolving suite of 
Internet components. Whether you're an ISV, in-house developer, or 
solutions provider, you won't want to miss hearing how OpenDoc creates 
new opportunities for revolutionary products.

* Tools: What's new in development tools? What's the direction for Mac 
OS tools, Internet tools, application frameworks, development 
environments, visual tools, scripting, and shared libraries 
technologies? We will provide answers to these and other critical 
questions for all Macintosh developers.

* Hardware: Learn more about Apple's hardware platforms and their target 
markets, and get the scoop on future directions for desktops and 

* Multimedia: Learn how Apple Computer will continue to lead the 
industry in the ares of digital and Internet publishing with its 
powerful and flexible interactive media technologies, including 
QuickDraw (3D, QuickTime, QuickTime VR, QuickTime Conferencing, 
PlainTalk-Apple's speech-recognition and synthesis technologies, and 
Game Sprockets.

Here are the dates and locations of this one-day event:

    Date                  City
    ----                  ----
November 1, 1996    San Francisco, California
November 6, 1996    Seattle, Washington
                    Boston, Massachusetts
November 8, 1996    New York, New York
November 11, 1996   Chicago, Illinois
November 13, 1996   Austin, Texas
November 15, 1996   Los Angeles, California
                    Atlanta, Georgia

To register by phone, call 800-758-3620. To register immediately, visit 
the Macintosh Developer Road Show Web site:

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