Mac OS Strategy Announcement

Letter to Customers from Ellen Hancock

January 7, 1997

Dear Apple customers:

Today at Macworld in San Francisco, we unveiled our strategy and road map for future versions of the Macintosh operating system, for your Macintosh and Mac OS-compatible personal computers.

This is an extremely important announcement for you - and us. That's because it provides you with answers to questions I know have been on your mind and clarifies where we're going with your Macintosh platform. And while there are lots of specifics that you should pay attention to, let me tell you right up front the two most important things you need to know about new strategy and road map:

Attached you'll find more details about the new OS strategy. So please read on. But in the meantime, let me simply thank all Apple customers for their ongoing support, loyalty, and patience as we developed this new strategy. We're confident it was worth the wait, and that we've made a decision that offers you the best of both worlds: enhanced value for your current Mac investment, and an easy migration to the best the 21st Century will have to offer.

Happy New Year!

Ellen Hancock, CTO