Apple Introduces the Fastest Notebook Computer on the Market

With Clockspeeds up to 240MHz, the PowerBook 3400 Provides Superior Performance, State-of-the-Art Multimedia, and Easy Communications Capabilities

CUPERTINO, California--Feb. 17, 1997--Targeting the needs of Macintosh customers in business, higher education, scientific, engineering, and design settings who require the most in performance, multimedia, and communications from a notebook computer, Apple Computer, Inc. today introduced the Macintosh PowerBook3400 series. With unique features such as a 240MHz 603e PowerPC processor, built-in ethernet/modem, hot swappable expansion bay modules, Apple Location Manager, and four speaker sound system the PowerBook 3400 embodies high performance mobile computing.

"The introduction of the PowerBook 3400 represents a significant milestone in the revitalization of the PowerBook line," said Dale Fuller, vice president of PowerBooks at Apple Computer. "Apple is out to regain leadership in the notebook market. With the PowerBook 3400 we do just that by fulfilling the needs of performance hungry mobile professionals."

"With up to 240MHz of processing power and a 12.1" screen, the PowerBook 3400 is the first true portable to market that can be considered a viable desktop replacement," said Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies.


By combining a number of key technologies such as industry standard PCI architecture, PowerPC processors, DMA (Direct Memory Access), faster EDO (Extended Data Output) RAM, and lithium-ion batteries, Apple has created a high performance PowerBook that allows users to run processor- and graphics-intensive applications on a mobile platform.

"Motorola applauds Apple's PowerBook 3400 series introduction," noted Tom Gunter, corporate vice president and general manager, Motorola RISC Microprocessor Division. "With clock speeds of up to 240MHz, the PowerBook 3400 brings desktop performance to a mobile environment. Additionally, the new PowerBook 3400 series exploits the PowerPC 603e microprocessor's combination of high, performance and low power consumption in an area where thermal conditions and power management issues are critical."


The PowerBook 3400 comes with a 12.1" active matrix SVGA display, unique four speaker sound system, PCI video controller with hardware acceleration, industry standard VGA connector for 16-bit video out, 16-bit stereo in/out, Zoomed Video support, and software-based MPEG-1 decompression. All of these features combined provide users with one of the most robust systems available today and the key elements they need to create and present multimedia rich information.


The PowerBook 3400 series features a number of communications capabilities including built-in 10Mbps Ethernet and 33.6kbps modem. The innovative RJ-45 connector located off the system's backplane is designed to accept either Ethernet or telephone cable for access to network or modem lines. Asante Corporation designed the combination Ethernet and modem PCI card specifically for the PowerBook 3400 series and expects to sell it as a stand-alone product for upgrading the base configuration. Other communications capabilities include IRTalk, an infrared standard for easy, wireless file sharing which allows for communications between PowerBooks and access to a network via 1Mb IrDA. In addition, PowerBook users will now have access through the serial port to GeoPort technology for ISDN and analog modems.


A flexible expansion bay on the PowerBook 3400 accepts a variety of modules including a floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, additional hard drive, magneto-optical drive, internal AC adapter, and Zip drive (expected to be available in second quarter of 1997 from VST Technologies, Inc.). In addition, expansion bay modules from the PowerBook 5300 and 190 series can be used with the PowerBook 3400. For more expansion options, two PC Card slots are provided which can support two Type II or one Type III card. The PowerBook 3400 allows users to "hot swap" modules while the system is running unlike other notebook systems that require a user to shut down or sleep their system prior to the removal of an expansion bay module.


To provide a complete, mobile computing solution, all PowerBook 3400 models come configured with Mac OS 7.6 and a variety of productivity, communications, and compatibility software. This software includes Claris Organizer for tracking schedules and contacts; Apple Internet Connection Kit software (including Netscape Navigator 3.0, Claris Emailer Lite, Fetch, NCSA Telnet, and NewsWatcher); Apple Remote Access for easily connecting to a desktop or network from a remote location; Macintosh PC Exchange for reading and writing PC-formatted floppy disks; Macintosh Easy Open and MacLinkPlus from Dataviz for reading and translating PC-formatted files; ForeFront Group's

WebWhacker 2.0 for browsing the Internet off line; and WyndMail wireless e-mail for wireless mobile communications. In addition, the PowerBook 3400 also comes with Virtual Pool from Macplay, a 3-D pool game.

The PowerBook 3400 is also the first PowerBook to ship with Apple Location Manager, a software utility which allows users to save system settings that are location dependent including networking, printer, time zone, file sharing, sound, auto open items, and Extensions Manager. Once a defined location is set up, a user simply selects that location and the system automatically reconfigures to reflect the chosen environment.

 Pricing, Configurations, and Availability

The 180MHz and 200MHz configurations are available immediately in the United States. Additionally, these configurations are expected to be available in Europe in late March, and Japan sometime in April. The PowerBook 3400 240MHz configuration is expected to be available worldwide in April. Apple expects demand for the PowerBook 3400 to be high and product to be constrained through the end of March.

Apple will be offering the following configurations of the PowerBook 3400:

PowerBook 3400c/180 3400c/180 3400c/200 3400c/240
Processor 180MHz 180MHz 200MHz 240MHz
Cache 256K L2 256K L2 256K L2 256K L2
RAM 16MB 16MB 16MB 16MB
Drives 1.3GB 1.3GB 2.0GB 3.0GB
Expansion Bay Floppy 6X-CD/Floppy 6X-CD/Floppy 12XCD/Floppy
Display Active Matrix Active Matrix Active Matrix Active Matrix
Est.Retail Price* $4,500 $5,000 $5,500 $6,500
Availability U.S. 2/17 U.S. 2/17 U.S. 2/17 U.S. April

*Prices are U.S. estimates only. Prices and availability of the systems may vary among resellers and by country.

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