Apple Debuts New Power Mac G4 Line

Revolutionary SuperDrive Now Available for $1,000 Less

MacWorld Expo, New York–July 18, 2001–Offering the ultimate in performance, expansion and digital media solutions, AppleŽ today introduced a powerful new line of Power Mac™ G4s with 733 MHz, 867 MHz and dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors. Apple’s revolutionary SuperDrive™, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive that can burn DVDs which can be played in consumer DVD players, is now standard in Power Mac models costing $2,499–$1,000 less than before.

“These are the fastest Macs ever, with 867 MHz and dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With the 867 MHz processor and our revolutionary SuperDrive together in a system costing just $2,499, more users can now afford to create professional quality DVDs.”

The new Power Mac G4 line offers incredible performance with systems featuring 867 MHz and dual 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors with Velocity Engine™. For the ultimate in processor utilization, both the 867 MHz and dual 800 MHz processors include 256K of on-chip level 2 cache running at processor speed and a large 2MB of level 3 backside cache per processor. For advanced graphics, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics cards are now standard on all models, with the new NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with TwinView card for dual monitor support standard in the dual 800 MHz model. The dual 800 MHz Power Mac G4 runs professional applications like Adobe’s Photoshop up to 83 percent faster than a 1.7 GHz Pentium IV-based PC*.   

The revolutionary SuperDrive, a combination CD-RW/DVD-R drive, together with Apple’s pre-installed iDVD or optional DVD Studio Pro™ software, can create professional-looking DVDs that can be played in consumer DVD players. The SuperDrive is now standard in Power Mac G4 models starting at just $2,499. The SuperDrive writes DVD-R at 2x, reads DVD at 4x, writes CD-R at 8x, writes CD-RW at 4x and reads CD at 24x.

Housed in a updated "quicksilver" enclosure, the Power Mac G4 line includes:

Pricing & Availability  
The new 733 MHz and 867 MHz Power Mac G4s are available immediately and the 800 MHz dual processor Power Mac G4 is expected to be available in August through The Apple StoreŽ (, at Apple’s retail stores and through Apple Authorized Resellers. The new Power Mac G4s are available in three standard configurations.

The 733 MHz Power Mac G4, for a suggested retail price of $1,699 (US), includes:

The 867 MHz Power Mac G4, for a suggested retail price of $2,499 (US), includes:

The dual 800 MHz Power Mac G4, for a suggested retail price of $3,499 (US), includes:

The Power Mac G4 is available in more than 600,000 build-to-order configurations through The Apple Store ( Options include a combination DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, up to 1.5GB of SDRAM, the NVIDIA GeForce3 graphics card, up to 72GB Ultra160 SCSI drives, AirPort Base Station and AirPort Card, and Harman Kardon iSub and SoundSticks, and Apple Pro Speakers. Standard 4.7GB DVD-R discs, available from The Apple Store (www. in packs of five for a suggested retail price of $49.95 (US).  For a list of compatible DVD players, visit

* Based on commonly used operations in Adobe Photoshop 6.0.

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