Mac - TV Ads

1983-01-xx   Lisa

1984-01-22   Macintosh

1986-01-16   Macintosh Plus  [YouTube]

1987-03-02   Macintosh Computers  [YouTube]

1990-10-15   Lower Cost Macintosh Personal Computers  [YouTube]

1991-10-21   Apple Extends Its Macintosh Product Family  More  More  [YouTube]

1992-10-19   Apple's New Macintosh Duo System  More  [YouTube]

1994-09-xx   Microsoft Windows  [YouTube]

1995-08-xx   Microsoft Windows 95  [YouTube]

1996-04-18   PowerBook  [YouTube]

1997-09-26   Apple Launches Brand Advertising Campaign

1998-02-05   Apple Launches New "Snail" Commercial  [YouTube]
1998-03-12   Apple Unveils "Toasted Bunny" Commercial  [YouTube]
1998-05-06   Apple Introduces PowerBook G3  [YouTube]
1998-08-13   Apple Launches its Marketing Campaign for iMac  More  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1998-11-05   Own An iMac for $29.99 a Month  [YouTube]

1999-01-05   Apple Launches Reinvented Power Macintosh G3  [YouTube]
1999-01-05   Apple Announces New iMacs in Five New Colors  [YouTube]
1999-07-21   Apple Unveils iBook  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
1999-08-31   Apple Unveils Power Mac G4  More  [YouTube]
1999-10-05   Apple Unveils All-New Family of iMacs  More  [YouTube]
1999-10-05   iMac and iMovie  More  [YouTube]

2000-02-16   Apple Enhances iBook Line  More  More  [YouTube]
2000-07-19   Apple Introduces iMacs in Stunning New Colors  More  More  More  [YouTube]
2000-07-19   Apple Introduces Revolutionary G4 Cube

2001-01-19   Apple Unveils Titanium PowerBook G4  [YouTube]
2001-03-06   Apple Highlights Burning Custom Music CDs  [YouTube]

2002-01-07   Apple Unveils the New iMac  [YouTube]
2002-06-10   Apple Launches Real People Ad Campaign  More  More  More  More  More  More  More  [YouTube]
2002-08-23   Jaguar Unleashed at 10:20 p.m. Tonight  More  More  More  [YouTube]
2002-09-05   Apple Switcher Ads Debut During U.S. Open  More  More  More  More  More  [You Tube]

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