1981-03-02   A mainframe on three chips - See document

1984-02-05   Bailing out of the mainframe industry

1985-12-05   Burroughs's struggle as no. 2
1985-12-23   Mainframe software makers have seen the future and it's rugged

1986-05-06   Burroughs proposes to buy Sperry  More  More
1986-11-11   Burroughs announces company name: Unisys Corporation

1987-04-07   Unisys introduces eight mainframes
1987-11-30   The mainframe era is fading

1988-03-09   Unisys announces plans for Unix systems development  More

1989-04-04   In an age when tiny is all, big computers are hurting

1990-10-04   Unisys faces some rire industry straits
1990-12-28   PC makers gain as mainframe firms struggle - See document

1991-10-18   Dumping the mainframe without crushing the users - See document  More  More

1992-01-13   From mainframes to clones, a tricky yime
1992-05-29   The death of the mainframe - See document
1992-10-21   Mainframe to distributed Unix in nine months  More  [PDFs]  More  More
1992-11-23   As the monolithic mainframe gives way, the industry breaks into smaller parts

1993-12-19   Big I/O or kicking the mainframe out the door - See document

1994-12-14   How do old mainframes compare to today's micros?

1995-03-xx   Fannie Mae, success on Sun  [PDF]
1995-10-06   Unisys to form three distinct businesses

1996-04-10   Vote against spin-off proposal
1996-04-15   Unisys transforms the enterprise rerver  More  More  More
1996-05-17   HP severing mainframe ties

1997-02-27   Unisys to oppose proposal to separate  More
1997-06-19   Unisys CEO to step down  More

1998-03-30   Cisco, Microsoft help customers integrate Windows-based networks with mainframes
1998-09-24   Unisys launches global brand positioning campaign  More

1999-11-18   Unisys announces realignment  More  [PDF]

2000-08-01   Mainframes and Unix  More  More  More

2001-11-12   Rehosting mainframe applications on the Sun platform  [PDF]

2002-03-04   Mainframe talent: An endangered species
2002-03-15   Sun mainframe rehosting  More  More  [PDFs]
2002-05-15   Sun 3270 Pathway  More  [PDFs]
2002-05-16   Sun targets $1 billion mainframe market opportunity  More
2002-07-22   Sun mainframe rehosting  More  More  More  [PDFs]

2003-02-xx   Linux on mainframe computers and other alternatives  [PDF]
2003-03-28   Transamerica Life Canada  [PDF]
2003-04-xx   Sun mainframe rehosting software  [PDF]
2003-05-xx   Mainframe rehosting market evaluation  [PDF]
2003-05-14   Sun drives computing dinosaurs toward extinction
2003-12-02   PSI receives investment

2004-04-08   Microsoft and Micro Focus form mainframe migration alliance
2004-04-27   Former IBM executives join PSI
2004-08-17   PSI secures second round of financing led by Goldman Sachs  More

2005-03-04   Platform Solutions' mainframe debut is noteworthy  [PDF]
2005-05-xx   z/OS comes to the Intel platform and the options multiply  [PDF]
2005-08-25   New sightings of a rare bird: A new plug-compatible mainframe

2006-03-07   PSI demonstrates z/OS in Intel Itanium 2 technology  [PDF]
2006-08-14   PSI demonstrates first open mainframe computer  More  [PDFs]
2006-09-26   A joint assault on the mainframe hardware market
2006-10-05   A letter to the FLEX-ES community  More  More
2006-11-29   IBM v PSI: IBM's complaint - See document  [PDF]  More

2007-01-19   IBM v PSI: PSI's answer and counterclaims - See document [PDF]
2007-02-12   T3T builds momentum with IBM compatible open mainframes [PDF]
2007-03-08   IBM v PSI: IBM's reply - See document [PDF]
2007-03-20   Flex-ES and IBM
2007-03-29   T3T and PSI extend customers' investments in 31-bit ESA-390  [PDF]
2007-08-17   IBM v PSI: IBM's amended complaint - See document [PDF]
2007-09-21   IBM v PSI: PSI's amended answer - See document [PDF]
2007-10-09   IBM v PSI: IBM's answer to PSI's amended answer - See document [PDF]
2007-11-26   IBM v PSI: T3's motion to intervene - See documents: 1  2  3  4  [PDFs]

2008-04-16   IBM v PSI: PSI's petition and statement of undisputed facts - See documents: 1  2  [PDFs]
2008-07-02   IBM v PSI: Joint stipulation of dismissal of claims - See document [PDF]
2008-07-02   IBM settles mainframe lawsuit by acquiring clone manufacturer

2009-01-20   The T3 Technologies story
2009-01-20   T3 Technologies files complaint about IBM with the European Commission
2009-09-02   IBM v PSI: IBM's notices of motion - See documents: 1  2  [PDFs]
2009-09-30   IBM v PSI: Court's civil judgement and memorandum opinion - See documents: 1  2  [PDFs]

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