Unisys Unveils Next Generation CMOS Enterprise Servers

APRIL 15, 1996, BLUE BELL, PA -- Unisys today announced the next generation of high- performance, CMOS enterprise servers -- the ClearPath 2200/3800 and A2000 Series enterprise servers. The large scale members of these server families utilize Unisys designed, engineered, and tested 0.5 micron CMOS chip technology, delivering increased processor performance and establishing new reliability plateaus.

"This achievement establishes Unisys as the industry leader in the implementation of CMOS technology," claimed Leo Daiuto vice president and general manager of Unisys enterprise server division. "We are the only company whose entire enterprise server line is CMOS based. Last year, 90% of our enterprise systems shipped were CMOS."

These new enterprise servers continue the Unisys tradition of providing our clients with binary compatibility of existing applications on the latest technology while dramatically improving the total cost of ownership in all areas, including footprint, environmentals and operations.

Technology Advances... 2200/3800
The 2200 Series addresses the requirements of many very large organizations throughout the world. The newest member, the 2200/3800, offers increased capacity, greater reliability and binary compatibility with current 2200 Series platforms. This high performance CMOS-based enterprise server offers an attractive growth path for current 2200 installations, as well as a powerful platform for a variety of new enterprise applications.

The use of 0.5 micron CMOS processor technology has enabled Unisys to implement the entire instruction processor on two chips. Advanced multiprocessor technology supports a processing complex of up to eight instruction processors. The optional eXtended Processing Complex (XPC) uses parallel processing technology to support configurations of up to 64 processors, which can meet the requirements of the largest organizations worldwide. These processing complexes are supported by the OS2200 operating system.

The 2200/3800 offers considerable improvements in price/performance. Environmental requirements are substantially reduced with this air cooled Enterprise Server. System resilience and reliability, a hallmark of this server series, are further improved through significant component reductions. Increased I/O capacities and the incorporation of ATM ensure faster information availability throughout the system.

2200/3800 characteristics

Technology advances... A Series
The entire A Series product line has been refreshed, with the entry level A2100, mid range A2400 and large scale A2800 systems. Innovative technology is employed throughout this server family, assuring improved price/performance, increased performance levels, and greater reliability. Full compatibility with current A Series systems enables instant productivity and investment protection.

The A Series spans a performance range of over 200 times. Entry level A Series systems can be used as enterprise servers for smaller organizations or for distributed processing applications. Mid range to large scale systems accommodate the demands of the world's largest organizations.

The I/O capacities have been increased to meet expanding information demands and new Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM) networking technology has been added. These enhancements allow the increased processing resource to be delivered faster, across the entire enterprise.

A2800 characteristics
Based on powerful 0.5 micron CMOS circuit technology, the A2800 is the first very large scale enterprise server to implement a single chip processor design. The entry level and mid range A Series servers have used a single chip processor design for several years, but very large scale performance was not achievable due to technology limitations. This industry first assures reduced environmental requirements, superior reliability and improved price/performance.

A2400 Characteristics
This mid range system leverages CMOS to deliver a cost effective, single chip processor for mid range performance. The A2400 is a rack mounted system with a compact profile and very low environment requirements, permitting placement in an office environment. The eighteen models span a performance range of 10 times, assuring significant in-cabinet growth opportunities.

A2100 characteristics
This entry level server uses soft emulation technology to support the entire MCP/AS operating environment on a Unisys Pentium or PentiumPro mother board. The platform employs a PCI channel to provide compatibility with industry standards and high I/O rates. This new design permits the A Series architecture to leverage low cost commodity platform technology, while providing a complete enterprise server operating environment.

Since object level compatibility with the A Series is maintained, the A2100 can be used for distributed processing, low cost development, smaller applications and as an upgrade for other small A Series Platforms. The attractive price/performance of the platform is expected to be well received by the VAR community, particularly those who have applications requiring very high levels of system availability.

Pricing and Availability
General availability of the 2200/3800 is scheduled for August, 1996. The A2400 will be available in May, while the A2100 and A2800 will achieve general customer availability in June.

The Unisys Computer Systems Group
The Computer Systems Group (CSG) is the Unisys technology business. The people of CSG design, develop, produce and sell the advanced hardware, middleware and system software that serve as the building blocks for traditional and advanced information management solutions. CSG works with clients, with Unisys services groups, and with outside integrators and consultants, independent software developers, distributors and resellers in providing these technology building blocks to help them better serve their customers. Few other companies have the breadth of experience of the Computer Systems Group -- from enterprise servers to parallel processing to PCs, with all the software and peripherals in between.

Unisys -- The Information Management Company
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