Unisys Transforms the Enterprise Server

ClearPath Family Represents a New Computing Paradigm: The Integration of Open and Traditional Systems on One Platform

APRIL 15, 1996, BLUE BELL, PA --- Unisys Corporation today announced a revolutionary new computing architecture called heterogeneous multiprocessing (HMP), which allows software integration between traditional and open computing environments packaged within a single platform.

Leveraging the HMP technology, Unisys introduced a family of enterprise servers called ClearPath, thus positioning itself as the leader in second generation client/server computing.

Second generation client server makes it easy to integrate departmental to enterprise systems, modernizes legacy applications, provides Intranet applications, reduces the high cost of first generation client/server, and provides scalable secure applications.

The ClearPath HMP fully integrates UNIX, Windows NT, and enterprise operating system environments into one platform, and, as such, is the ideal foundation for enterprise Intranet solutions.

"The ClearPath Server family sets the stage for a new computing paradigm that allows clients to take full advantage of the attributes of traditional enterprise computing, while enjoying the wide range of applications now offered by the industry," said Leo Daiuto, group vice president and general manager, Unisys Computer Systems Group. "These systems greatly reduce the difficulty of integrating disparate environments."

The new server line enables clients to enjoy the benefits of client/server computing while protecting existing investments.

Paul R. Woitzel, Director of Networking and Technical Support for BlueCross/BlueShield of North Dakota, said: "It is my personal belief that the ClearPath software will cause what has historically been referred to as mainframes to be viewed as open enterprise servers." Bruce Wilkinson, Vice President of ESi Corporation in Tallahassee, Florida, another ClearPath client, said: "Unisys ClearPath provides a Client/Server environment that in our opinion is unsurpassed in the market. The flexibility to run Windows NT applications with industrial strength enterprise applications gives our customers a competitive advantage."

Client endorsements are echoed by industry experts. David Floyer, Research Director at International Data Corporation (IDC) said: "ClearPath definitely makes sense for IT users trying to keep up with the latest technology." Bob Sakakeeny, Director of Field Research at Aberdeen Group, said that ClearPath displays "a wealth of new hardware and software (that) ensures minimum disruptions in transitioning to robust, scalable client/server, Internet/Intranet, and decision support applications."

ClearPath Sales Strategy

In conjunction with its sweeping introduction of open enterprise servers, Unisys has considerably altered its selling approach to the market. Augmenting its worldwide direct sales force, the company has placed an increased emphasis on using indirect sales channels to reach new markets.

"The increased focus on the use of indirect sales channels and industry alliances is key to expanding sales to our existing accounts and providing the reach into new accounts and markets," said Len Bizzarro, Marketing Vice President. "The expansiveness and openness afforded by these new servers makes them a natural fit for our partners."

The ClearPath Server family establishes a logical and complementary positioning of three disparate computing environments -- UNIX, Windows NT and enterprise-class, traditional systems -- to meet the demands of a diverse range of users. The new approach ensures maximum flexibility and choice in meeting enterprise computing requirements. It leverages Unisys integration skills, building into systems the software needed to allow disparate systems to work together seamlessly, saving users the time, expense and expertise of achieving such integration on their own.

Unisys partners in the industry have reacted favorably. "With the ClearPath HMP series, Unisys has taken an innovative approach to solving the complexities of client/server integration," said Rich Tong, division marketing manager for the desktop and business systems division at Microsoft Corp. "We are very pleased with the selection of Windows NT as a cornerstone technology for ClearPath. This provides further evidence of the acceptance of Windows NT in the large server market and its increasing role in the enterprise."

The ClearPath Server Family

The ClearPath Server family leverages Pentium and PentiumPro processors, as well as the most advanced CMOS technology available. This spectrum of processing options, coupled with Unisys creative design technology, enables a wide range of performance and exceptional economics.

Of equal importance are the interoperability and integration innovations. New ClearPath Server technology simplifies the task of unifying information and computing resources across the enterprise.

The ClearPath Server family comprises several Server series. Very large scale requirements are typically addressed through the enterprise server offerings. Open operating system needs are addressed via the ClearPath SMP Series. The ClearPath HMP series addresses integrated enterprise processing requirements, through the new heterogeneous multiprocessing paradigm.

ClearPath HMP -- The first of a new line of open enterprise servers, these unique systems seamlessly integrate --in a single server --the properties of open and enterprise operating environments. The importance of this new paradigm lies in the general industry requirement to achieve seamless integration across multiple operating environments. The new HMP technology provides a predefined, preintegrated environment, simplifying the process of establishing a fully integrated environment.

Applications and tools functional under Windows NT and Unisys UNIX (SVR4 and UnixWare) are supported in their native form by the ClearPath HMP Series. "Value Added Resellers and Independent System Vendors will find this platform to be very accommodating," said Len Bizzarro. "Many have already qualified their products on this new product line." Applications developed under Unisys enterprise server operating systems, MCP/AS and OS2200, will also function without change on the ClearPath HMP Series.

ClearPath SMP -- Multi-OS open server that is the industry's first symmetric multiprocessor system in the industry built for the PentiumPro processor. This powerful open server family supports UNIX (SVR4, UnixWare and SCO ClearView) as well as Microsoft Windows NT. It offers scalability currently unmatched in the industry, supporting up to ten Pentium or PentiumPro processors. In addition, the new Synchronous Coherent Memory bus, designed by Unisys, is the industry's only bus capable of supporting the increased speed of the PentiumPro processor. The immediate result will be the most powerful PentiumPro server in the industry.

ClearPath 2200/3800 – This high-performance CMOS-based enterprise server offers a cost-effective growth path for current 2200 installations, as well as a powerful platform for a variety of new enterprise applications. The use of 0.5 micron CMOS processor technology has enabled Unisys to implement the entire instruction processor on two chips. Advanced multiprocessor technology supports a complex of up to eight instruction processors. The optional eXtended Processing Complex (XPC) uses parallel processing technology to support configurations of up to 64 processors, which can meet the requirements of the largest organizations worldwide.

ClearPath A2400 and A2800 -- These servers offer an upgrade path for existing A Series installations. Based on powerful 0.5 micron CMOS circuit technology, the A2800 is the first very-large-scale enterprise server to implement a single-chip processor design. The entry-level and midrange A Series servers have used a single chip processor design for several years, but very large scale performance was not achievable due to technology limitations.

The I/O capacities have been increased to meet expanding information demands and new Asynchronous Transmission Mode (ATM) networking technology has been added. These enhancements allow the increased processing resource to be delivered faster, across the entire enterprise.

ClearPath A2100 -- This entry-level server introduces a new profile for the A Series family. It uses novel emulation techniques to support the entire MCP/AS operating environment on a Unisys Pentium or PentiumPro mother board. This permits the A Series to leverage low-cost commodity technology for the platform, while providing a complete enterprise server operating environment. Since complete object-level compatibility with the A Series is achieved, the A2100 can be used for distributed processing, low cost development, smaller applications and as an upgrade for other small A Series Platforms. The attractive price/performance of the platform is expected to be well received by the VAR community, particularly those who have applications requiring very high levels of system availability.

The Unisys Computer Systems Group

The Computer Systems Group (CSG) is the Unisys technology business. The people of CSG design, develop, produce and sell the advanced hardware, middleware and system software that serve as the building blocks for traditional and advanced information management solutions. CSG works with clients, with Unisys services groups, and with outside integrators and consultants, independent software developers, distributors and resellers in providing these technology building blocks to help them better serve their customers. Few other companies have the breadth of experience of the Computer Systems Group -- from enterprise servers to parallel processing to PCs, with all the software and peripherals in between.

Unisys -- The Information Management Company

Unisys is one of a select group of companies with the portfolio of services, technologies and third party alliances needed to deliver the benefits of information management -- helping clients use their information asset to enhance their competitiveness and responsiveness to customers. Our expertise in information management is founded on the strengths of our three global businesses: consulting, solutions and systems integration; industry-leading technologies; and comprehensive services and products supporting distributed computing environments. Access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web -- http://www.unisys.com -- for further information.


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