IBM Announces OS/390 Version 2 -- Building Upon Technology Leadership

FISHKILL, New York, June 9, 1997 ... IBM today announced a new version of OS/390*, delivering on current value-based functions and previewing those to come in future releases. Included in OS/390 are enhancements to network computing capabilities, server integration, business intelligence through data mining, data warehousing, decision support and application deployment.

OS/390, the IBM S/390* strategic operating system, is certified as Year 2000 ready by the Information Technology Association of America. OS/390 also is UNIX 95** branded, supporting the deployment of the hottest UNIX applications. OS/390 also is providing tools to help IT managers with better system management in a distributed computing environment. The initial release for OS/390 V.2 is expected to be available in September.

OS/390 V. 2 has extended its technology leadership through integration of new software technologies IBM announced earlier this year. Today, the S/390 Division is announcing that it is making that software available to OS/390 customers. OS/390 now will consist of more than 70 elements that build upon S/390 classic strengths of scalability, reliability, data integrity, security and systems management. Here are some of those new functions:

OS/390 also can support UNIX and client/server applications including those of SAP AG, PeopleSoft, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, and Baan. Bristol Technologies' Wind/U software, now supported by OS/390, provides developers with Application Programming Interfaces to recompile some Windows NT applications and run them as UNIX applications.

IBM also enhanced DFSMS/MVS* V. 1, Rel. 4, as part of OS/390, which provides for improved storage management, data access, device support and program management for the MVS/ESA* platform. The software will support Parallel Sysplex clustering technology and will extend DFSMShsm and VSAM usability. DFSMS/MVS V. 1, Rel. 4, is expected to be available to selected customers in the third quarter of this year.

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