Unisys Launches New Global Brand Positioning Campaign

Distinctive Advertising Reflective of New Unisys Brand Positioning

BLUE BELL, PA, September 24, 1998 -- Unisys Corporation today launched a global advertising campaign capturing the new, unified brand positioning of the company developed under the leadership of Lawrence A. Weinbach, who became Unisys chairman and CEO one year ago.

Titled the "Thinkers" campaign, the global print and broadcast advertising features Unisys employees thinking how to solve customer challenges outside the confines of the office, and depicts the sense of partnership and dedication that businesses can expect when engaging Unisys. In addition, the advertising showcases how Unisys, in one year, has been transformed into a contemporary, focused provider of business solutions based on information services and computer technology.

Unisys will spend approximately $20 million on the campaign launch during the fourth quarter of this year and continue with an aggressive campaign in 1999. The campaign was developed after extensive customer research confirmed that "technically excellent, creative and tenacious Unisys people" represented a powerful positioning differentiator for the company.

"Our goal with this advertising campaign, one part of a broader brand positioning, is to introduce the world to the passion and scope that exists at a new Unisys," Weinbach said.

"Our customers count on the technical and intellectual excellence that is building a bridge from a proprietary mainframe heritage to the open systems of today and tomorrow. We are providing solutions through a fast-growing services business and our evolving computer hardware business. But in the end, it is the outstanding creativity and tenacity of our people in executing our services and technology capabilities that is the differentiator that enables our clients to achieve their goals.

"I wanted this campaign to push the envelope to escape the outdated perception of a mainframe-only company. And I wanted the campaign to reflect how our people, their skills and their commitment to clients clearly distinguish Unisys in the global information services and technology marketplace," Weinbach said.

Showcasing the Intellectual Capital of Unisys

Created by the New York office of Bozell Worldwide, the "Thinkers" campaign's two television spots and six print ads highlight the intellectual property found in Unisys employees as the company's most valuable resource to customers. Featuring the tagline "We eat, sleep and drink this stuff," the advertising radiates an energetic, smart and tenacious attitude that Unisys people deliver to client engagements.

"The Unisys ads have a distinctive, hip look, quite different from traditional information services and technology advertising," said Jay Schulberg, Bozell Worldwide vice chairman and chief creative officer. "The ads feature Unisys people outside the office contemplating their clients' problems. We injected some fun into the ads by replacing employee heads with computer screens to symbolize how Unisys people are constantly seeking solutions to their clients' information needs."

In addition, each ad supports the sense of partnership gained when working with Unisys by presenting actual client case studies.

Global Campaign Targets International CEOs

The "Thinkers" campaign will break in the top 15 markets worldwide, targeting international CEOs and other senior executives. The ads will appear in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Additional, panregional support will be provided in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

In the United States, a two-page print ad debuted today in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Financial Times to be followed by trade publications. In addition to print, broadcast ads will appear beginning over the weekend of September 26th during programs such as 60 Minutes and CBS Football and continuing on Monday Night Football and other programs.

Defining A New Unisys

Since joining Unisys a year ago from Andersen Worldwide, Weinbach committed to refurbishing the Unisys reputation and creating a strong, single-minded Unisys brand. He said he wanted a brand personality that would present a vibrant, contemporary company moving into an "open" world of services and hardware, and force the marketplace to stop and view Unisys in an entirely different way.

Weinbach shared his brand vision with the Unisys corporate positioning team, which included key Unisys global marketing, advertising and corporate communications executives. The Unisys positioning team worked closely with Bozell Worldwide in the last nine months to create the brand personality and the "Thinkers" campaign.

Sponsoring CNN's Cold War

The new Unisys brand campaign also includes a sponsorship of CNN's upcoming "Cold War" series. This sponsorship provides Unisys with substantial promotional value beyond the media buy. Prior to airing, Unisys will be recognized through corporate logo tags on 300 broadcast spots, national and local print ads in publications such as TIME, USA Today and TV Guide, and local radio spots in major urban markets.

Following the series premiere, Unisys will be featured as a major sponsor on all video purchases, COLDWAR.com interactive contests, and numerous educational extension programs reaching out to universities, high schools and middle schools.

About Unisys

Unisys (NYSE:UIS) is more than 33,000 employees helping customers in 100 countries apply information technology to solve their business problems. Unisys solutions are based on a broad portfolio of global information services including systems integration, outsourcing, "repeatable" application solutions, consulting, network integration, remote network management, and multivendor maintenance and support, coupled with enterprise-class servers and associated middleware, software and storage. Repeatable solutions are focused on key vertical markets including financial services, transportation, telecommunications, government, publishing and other commercial markets. Headquartered in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, in the Greater Philadelphia area, Unisys 1997 annual revenue was $6.6 billion. Access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web -- http://www.unisys.com -- for further information.

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