IBM Introduces New Entry-Class Mainframe

eServer z800 Redefines Economics of Mainframe Computing

PartnerWorld, San Francisco, CA - 18 Feb 2002: IBM today introduced the IBM eServer zSeries 800, a new lower-priced, entry-class mainframe that fundamentally changes the economics of mainframe computing.

With the introduction of the z800, IBM brings the bullet-proof performance and reliability of zSeries technology to customers who are looking to move up to a mainframe. In addition, for the first time, IBM delivers its advanced Parallel Sysplex clustering technology to entry-class mainframe customers. With Parallel Sysplex, customers can achieve near zero downtime, superior application availability and unmatched business continuity by networking multiple mainframes together.

The z800 is ideal for IBM Business Partners in search of server consolidation options for midmarket companies. The new system helps eliminate under-utilized and expensive server farms, such as Web servers, print or file servers, and e-mail servers by moving them onto a single mainframe, in the process simplifying systems management and reducing costs. Featuring IBM's industry leading z/VM virtualization technology, the z800 is capable of consolidating as few as 20 and up to hundreds of Sun or Intel servers on a single physical box.

"With the introduction of the z800, the mainframe moves beyond the traditional data center to provide smaller customers superior total cost of ownership, rapid return on investment and time-tested mainframe technology," said Rich Lechner, vice president, sales & marketing for zSeries. "Now, big iron isn't just for big companies anymore."

The announcement follows a year of remarkable growth and interest in the mainframe at IBM, as the zSeries became the fastest growing platform in the industry and the only server platform to chalk up five consecutive quarters of growth.

IBM today also introduced z/OS.e -- a specially priced offering of the zSeries 64-bit operating system, designed specifically for new e-business workloads on the z800 including WebSphere, DB2, Java JDK and MQSeries. Increasingly, mainframe customers are adding new Web-based applications to their existing IT infrastructure to save on energy, floor space and management expenses.

The new system is available in eight general purpose models as well as the first-of-its-kind Linux-only mainframe announced in January.

Advanced Technology
The z800 offers a low-cost, flexible environment for developing, testing and running applications in a production environment, 32-bit to 64-bit application migration and for new e-business workloads.

Innovative self-healing, self-managing features of the IBM eServer family are available on the z800, including capacity backup, Parallel Sysplex clustering, concurrent I/O and automatic call to IBM if the system detects an error.

In addition, z800 models:

IBM is also introducing for the first time a packaged z800 and storage solution at an attractive price designed to create a flexible, integrated infrastructure capable of handling diverse data processing and management requirements. The offering includes the option to integrate the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (code named "Shark") disk storage system and/or the IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server with the z800.

IBM customers who finance z800 servers and choose IBM Global Financing's Technology Upgrade Option can increase capacity, function and/or performance of leased hardware and extend the lease term with little or no impact to the monthly payment amount. Instead of waiting to the end of a 30- or 36-month lease, the upgrade is available at the midpoint in the lease or six months after that date. The z800 Technology Upgrade Option is available through IBM sales representatives and, for the first time, through IBM Business Partners.

The IBM eServer zSeries 800 will be available on March 29, 2002.