Sun Targets $1 Billion Mainframe Market Opportunity

New "Blue Away" Initiative Provides Companies Technology and Investment Protection for Mainframe Computing without the Mainframe

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- May 16, 2002 -- Building on its successful replacement program for IBM's abandoned NUMA-Q users, Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s (Nasdaq:SUNW) Project "Blue Away" is now targeting IBM's midrange capacity mainframe customers. The mid-market mainframe represents a potential $1 billion opportunity that Sun intends to lead with its Sun Fire Midframe server family [ ].

"The benefits of a mainframe must be justified in terms of its costs," said Mike Kahn, Chairman of The Clipper Group, Inc., technology acquisition consultants in Wellesley, MA. "Enterprises that use a smaller mainframe have higher operating costs per unit of processing, primarily because they pay more for operating software, than do enterprises with very large mainframes, or those that are running similar workloads on UNIX® servers. In many cases, Sun's mainframe migration program will offer them significant life-cycle cost savings."

Oracle Corp., a best-in-class Sun partner, offers leading enterprise business solutions that can help companies significantly improve the bottom line. The combination of the Sun Fire server family and Oracle applications and technology provide a strong alternative for the midrange market.

"In today's challenging economic environment, companies are taking a hard look at their bottom line and growth strategies," said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Platform Partnerships, Platform Technologies Division, Oracle Corporation. "Together, Oracle and Sun can provide these companies with a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to their mainframes running legacy applications that scales as their businesses grow."

Sun's Project "Blue Away" offers mainframe customers increased return on investment through:

"Last quarter, Sun shipped over four times more MIPS than IBM." said Shahin Khan, chief competitive officer, Sun Microsystems. "Since IBM is the only vendor of mainframes, they have been raising prices on captive mainframe customers and paying less attention to customers with small or mid-size mainframes. Through this 'Blue Away' initiative, Sun is offering a tried, tested and more cost-effective solution."

Reflecting its growing acceptance in the industry as a leader in mainframe rehosting, Sun was recently named by AFCOM, the leading association for data center professionals, as its Vendor of the Month for its Mainframe Rehosting solution. According to the AFCOM site (, "Customers experience more than a 50 percent reduction in cost-of-ownership, in addition to a noticeable improvement in both online and batch performance, when they rehost mainframe applications on the Solaris Operating Environment." More information on Sun's Mainframe rehosting programs can be found on

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