Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 10:19:48 -0400
From: Mike Hammock <MHammock@CSIHOME.COM>
Subject: Important news for all PWD FLEX-ES users

I've been asked to post this announcement:

Announcement: Fundamental Software has notified IBM and it's PWD 
resellers that they are unable to accept orders for PWD FLEX-ES 
after November 1, 2006.

Background: FSI applied for the renewal of certain IBM patents 
that expire on November 1st.  IBM has yet to approve their request.  
While this issue may be resolved any day, it is prudent at this time 
for Cornerstone to advise both our partners and customers of the 
pending situation.  First, Cornerstone will continue to accept 
orders for FLEX-ES PWD licenses until October 20th.  That date allows 
enough time to manage requests through the IBM PWD approval process.  
Note: There is no guarantee that IBM will process and approve all the 
requests that we submit before the end date of November 1.  If you 
were considering a new FLEX-ES PWD license, renewal, or upgrade, it 
is critical that you start this process NOW.  Cornerstone's support 
of FLEX-ES will continue without interruption for the full term of 
your PWD agreements.  For example, a PWD with a 3 year maintenance 
agreement executed prior to November 1, 2006, will continue to receive 
support from Cornerstone for the duration of that agreement.

We hope this issue is resolved soon, but it may or may not happen by 
November 1st.  Please act accordingly.

Mike C. M. (Mike) Hammock Sr.
Technical Support zFrame & IBM zSeries Solutions
(404) 643-3258