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2007-11-19   Kindle

2009-02-09   Kindle 2  More
2009-03-04   Kindle for iPhone and iPod touch  More
2009-05-06   Kindle DX
2009-10-07   Kindle now $259, Kindle with US & International Wireless available for pre-order  More
2009-10-20   Barnes & Noble nook - See document  More  [PDF]  More  [PDF]
2009-10-22   Kindle for PC  More
2009-11-24   Amazon Extends Battery Life of Newest Kindle by 85 Percent

2010-01-06   Amazon Introduces Kindle DX with Global Wireless  More
2010-01-15   Amazon Expands Kindle Digital Text Platform  More  More  More
2010-01-21   Amazon Announces Kindle Development Kit
2010-02-18   Kindle for BlackBerry
2010-03-18   Kindle for Mac
2010-04-02   Kindle for iPad  More
2010-04-23   Barnes & Noble Launches More NOOK eBook Reader Firsts - See document
2010-05-18   Kindle for Android  More  More
2010-05-19   Amazon Adds New Features to Kindle for PC Application
2010-06-21   Amazon Kindle Now Only $189
2010-06-21   Barnes & Noble NOOK Wi-Fi - See document
2010-06-27   Amazon Announces New Functionality for Kindle Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
2010-07-01   New Kindle DX with 50 Percent Better Display Contrast and New Lower Price of $379
2010-07-22   Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOK for Android - See document
2010-07-28   All-new Kindle and Kindle Wi-Fi  More
2010-08-17   Barnes & Noble Offers NOOK for iPhone, iPad and PC - See document
2010-10-26   Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor - See document  More  More









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