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1997-08-18   PageRank: Bringing Order to the Web - See document  More  More

1998-04-15   Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine - See document
1998-09-14   Google at BALUG - See document  More
1998-09-23   Google and the WebBase - See document  More  More  More  More

1999-06-07   Google Receives $25 Million in Equity Funding - See document

2000-05-19   Google Goes Global with Addition of 10 Languages - See document
2000-05-30   Google Bets The Farm On Linux - See document  More
2000-06-26   Yahoo! Selects Google as its Default Search Engine Provider - See document  More  More
2000-10-23   Google Launches Self-Service Advertising Program - See document

2001-08-06   Google Names Dr. Eric Schmidt Chief Executive Officer - See document
2001-09-06   Danger unveils "Hiptop" wireless device - See document  More  [PDF]
2001-10-15   Danger Announces $36 Million in Series B Financing - See document
2001-12-11   Google Offers Immediate Access to 3 Billion Web Documents - See document

2002-02-20   Google Introduces New Pricing For Self-Service Online Advertising Program - See document
2002-04-04   Yahoo!, MSN and Google Lead in Online Search - See document
2002-07-31   AOL Search powered by Google- See document
2002-08-06   Danger and T-Mobile to Deliver Wireless Data Services - See document  More

2003-02-03   Danger Announces $35 Million in Series D Financing - See document
2003-03-04   Google Builds Advertising and Search Monetization Program - See document
2003-03-17   Danger Announces Availability of Software Development Kit - See document
2003-06-03   T-Mobile Introduces Award Winning Color T-Mobile Sidekick - See document
2003-06-18   Google Expands Advertising Monetization Program for Websites - See document
2003-09-04   Danger Announces Java Licensee Agreement with Sun Microsystems - See document
2003-09-30   Lycos Selects Google AdSense for Content Ads - See document
2003-10-07   AOL and Google Announce Expanded Alliance - See document

2004-02-17   Google With Access To More Than 6 Billion Items - See document
2004-02-23   Google tops the search charts - See document
2004-04-01   Google Launches Gmail - See document
2004-04-19   Google Files Registration Statement with SEC for Initial Public Offering - See document  More  More
2004-07-23   Danger Announces $37 Million Financing Round - See document
2004-08-04   T-Mobile USA Flips the Lid Open on the T-Mobile Sidekick II - See document  More

2005-02-14   Danger Announces Java Compatibility for hiptop Software - See document
2005-07-26   Android GPS, strategic decisions  [PDF]
2005-08-17   Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal

2007-11-05   Industry Leaders Announce Open Platform for Mobile Devices  More  More  More  More
2007-11-12   Open Handset Alliance Releases Android SDK
2007-11-12   Google Announces $10 Million Android Developer Challenge  More
2007-11-12   What is Android?  More
2007-11-12   Google routed around Sun's IP-based licensing restrictions  More

2008-05-09   Android Developer Challenge  More  More  More  More  More  [PDF]
2008-05-29   Dalvik VM Internals  [PDF]
2008-08-28   Winners of the Android Developer Challenge I  More
2008-09-23   Android 1.0
2008-10-21   Android is now open source
2008-10-22   T-Mobile Launches the Highly Anticipated T-Mobile G1
2008-10-22   Android Market
2008-11-19   Missing javax audio
2008-11-26   CPU Speed
2008-12-12   Negative culture

2009-07-07   Introducing the Google Chrome OS  More
2009-10-27   Android 2.0
2009-12-17   Android platform percentage of devices

2010-05-25   Dalvik JIT
2010-12-07   An update on Chrome OS

2011-02-12   Android 3.0
2011-03-24   Google Holds Honeycomb Tight
2011-03-28   Next step on the road
2011-04-05   Asus releases Eee Pad Kernel Code for Android OS (V8.2.2.6)
2011-06-02   Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
2011-07-25   Booting to the Web - See document
2011-08-11   Google: Microsoft Revealed Our Secret Source Code  More  [PDF]
2011-08-18   Android GPLv2 termination worries - See document
2011-09-19   Is Android really free software? See document

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