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1993-04-05   Motorola and Nokia Sign GSM Licensing and Certification Agreement

1995-02-15   Nokia Mobile Phones Makes Equity Investment in Geoworks  More  More  More

1996-05-29   Nokia announces plans to utilize Java technologies
1996-08-05   Nokia announces $100 million contract with AT&T Wireless Services
1996-08-15   Nokia 9000 Communicator  More  More
1996-10-03   Nokia Signs USD 240 Million Contract with AT&T Wireless Services

1997-04-07   Nokia Signs Contract to Supply Wireless Phones to Pacific Bell Mobile Services
1997-06-26   Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola to create an open common protocol  More  More
1997-09-10   Nokia Launches the Nokia 9000i Communicator for GSM 1900  More  More  More

1998-01-08   Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Unwired Planet establish Wireless Application Protocol Forum
1998-02-17   Draft Wireless Application Protocol specification published on the World Wide Web
1998-03-16   Nokia and Western Wireless sign agreement for GSM 1900 network equipment
1998-03-18   Nokia 9110 Communicator  More  More
1998-05-08   Wireless Application Protocol specification 1.0 published on the World Wide Web  More
1998-05-20   Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba Introduce Low Cost, Short-Range Radio Technology
1998-06-04   Nokia reaffirms support for open standards in latest wireless technology
1998-12-15   Nokia sees media phones outsell laptops in two years

1999-01-21   Nokia Announces WAP Technology Licensing and WAP Toolkit Availability
1999-02-23   CNN Interactive and Nokia Join Forces to Develop CNN Mobile
1999-03-xx   Wireless Application Protocol  [PDF]
1999-03-16   Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution Edge   [PDF]
1999-06-30   Nokia Announces the Nokia WAP Browser
1999-08-29   Nokia and Ericsson begin interoperability testing of their WAP products
1999-09-22   Nokia unveils new media phones for mobile internet access
1999-09-22   CNN Interactive and Nokia join forces to offer CNN Mobile
1999-09-27   Nokia launches EDGE solution - accelerating GSM to Mobile Multimedia  More
1999-12-01   Bluetooth Special Interest Group

2000-02-02   Nokia introduces EDGE for TDMA markets worldwide
2000-02-14   Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution EDGE Classic and EDGE Compact  [PDF]
2000-02-23   Nokia 9110i Communicator  More  More  More  More  More  More  [PDFs]
2000-04-14   Mobile Network Transmission  [PDF]
2000-06-22   Nokia Launches Latest WAP 1.2 Developer Toolkit For Next Generation Services
2000-06-26   Nokia, AT&T Wireless Services to develop, enhancements to All IP-Edge Network
2000-07-25   SBC Communications signs agreement with Nokia to provide WAP service
2000-08-21   Nokia to license WAP 1.2 compliant browser as source code
2000-10-26   Nokia Introduces the Defining Phone for the New Wireless Generation
2000-11-06   Symbian licenses Nokia WAP browser technology
2000-11-21   The Nokia 9210 Communicator heralds the dawn of mobile multimedia
2000-12-05   Nokia opens the specification for ring tones, mobile phone logos for free licensing

2001-01-22   The Symbian Platform  [PDF]
2001-02-06   Nokia launches WAP Toolkit 2.1 with new mobile phone emulators
2001-02-13   Nokia Multimedia Messaging  [PDF]
2001-02-21   Nokia and AT&T Wireless further advance collaboration in 3G IP Multimedia  More
2001-03-13   GSM in 800 MHz for TDMA and CDMA Migration  [PDF]
2001-03-21   Nokia demonstrates first XHTML microbrowser on standard mobile phone
2001-06-18   Companies agree that Multimedia Messaging Service will build on SMS services
2001-06-19   Nokia 9210 Communicator  More  More  [PDF]
2001-07-03   Nokia and Qualcomm Expand License Agreement
2001-07-03   Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens launch the Mobile Games Interoperability Forum
2001-07-31   Nokia completes world's first GSM 850 call in a live network
2001-08-01   Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola Welcome Evolution of WAP Standard
2001-08-28   Nokia Makes the Wireless Internet Fashionable and Affordable with the New Nokia 3395
2001-08-04   Nokia confirms GPRS programs are on track, addresses technology outlook
2001-09-04   Nokia Successfully Completes CDMA2000 Data Call using Nokia Chipset
2001-09-17   New edition of Nokia's top rated Mobile Internet Toolkit supports XHTML and CSS
2001-10-31   Nokia fully supports Cingular Wireless' choice of GSM/EDGE technology  More
2001-11-01   Nokia and AT&T Wireless Services complete first live 3G EDGE call
2001-11-12   Nokia introduces the Series 60 Platform
2001-11-26   Nokia challenges developers of mobile applications
2001-11-27   Nokia opens online software shop
2001-12-21   Nokia in Messaging  More  [PDFs]

2002-01-07   New Nokia 6340 handset to enable roaming across TDMA, GSM networks
2002-01-09   Nokia begins volume deliveries of 800 and 1900 MHz GSM/EDGE infrastructure
2002-03-05   Nokia begins shipments of GPRS phones to AT&T Wireless
2002-03-18   Nokia, Cingular Wireless and Sun bring Java development to the mobile world
2002-03-19   Nokia and AT&T Wireless Conclude Initial Development, Testing Agreement
2002-03-19   VoiceStream selects Nokia to expand its GSM network in 300 million USD deal
2002-04-15   Nokia names top Symbian applications globally
2002-06-03   Nokia 9290 Communicator
2002-06-10   Nokia begins shipments of its first CDMA2000 1X handsets
2002-06-12   Nokia to participate in Open Mobile Alliance
2002-06-13   Nokia and AT&T Wireless sign agreement for EDGE equipment expanding GSM markets
2002-06-20   Nokia and Symbian OS  [PDF]
2002-06-26   The Nokia 7650 imaging phone is now shipping
2002-08-05   Developers "Get The Picture" With New Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
2002-08-27   Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Showed Signs of Rebounding
2002-08-30   Samsung to license Nokia’s software for mobile devices
2002-11-26   Nokia delivers new dual band GSM and GAIT handsets to Cingular Wireless
2002-12-02   Sprint Adds Nokia Handset to Line-Up of PCS Phones
2002-12-23   Nokia, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona Sign Agreement for GSM/ EDGE Network

2003-02-17   Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens join to promote unified solution for push to talk  More
2003-02-17   Nokia and Sony Ericsson to align developer tools for Symbian OS smartphones
2003-02-26   The Nokia 3650 imaging phone is now shipping globally  More
2003-03-11   Nokia looks back at 25 million CDMA handsets and sets course for the future
2003-03-18   Nokia 9210i Communicator  [PDF]
2003-05-26   Nokia's Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0 Introduces Digital Rights Management
2003-06-09   Nokia Developer's Suite For J2me, Version 2.0 Opens Doors To Development
2003-06-30   Cingular and Nokia Set the Pace for Wireless Data in Indy
2003-08-04   AT&T Wireless & Nokia Announce Availability of the Nokia 6800 Messaging Phone
2003-08-04   Mobile Phone + Music + Messaging = Nokia 3300 Music Phone for Back to School
2003-08-09   Nokia and Psion start procedures to transfer Symbian shares from Motorola  More
2003-09-30   PCS Phone 3588i by Nokia Gives Sprint Customers an Affordable Way to Stay in Touch
2003-10-06   Let the sales begin! Nokia N-GageTM game deck sales to start
2003-10-16   Verizon Wireless To Offer New Full-Color Nokia 3589i Wireless Phone
2003-10-16   Nokia supplies multimedia messaging solution to Cingular Wireless in USA
2003-10-27   Shipments of the Nokia 6600 smartphone begin
2003-10-28   Forum Nokia supports evolution of mobile apps with Developer Platform for Series 90
2003-10-08   Nokia's CDMA efforts continue to pay dividends during second half of 2003

2004-01-15   Nokia introduces the first EDGE-capable smartphone for the Americas market
2004-02-09   Nokia to acquire Psion plc's shares in Symbian
2004-02-12   T-Mobile USA chooses Nokia equipment for network upgrades
2004-02-20   Now open- the one-stop shop for Series 60 Platform information
2004-02-20   Addison-Wesley Professional, Nokia To Publish Nokia Mobile Developer Series
2004-02-23   Series 60 Complete Design Model accelerates cost-efficient creation of mobile devices
2004-02-22   Nokia's Series 60 Platform Leads Industry as Smart Phone Adoption Grows
2004-03-22   Innovative mobile applications showcased by Forum Nokia developers at CTIA 2004
2004-03-22   Sprint introduces Nokia model to its growing line of Sprint PCS Vision Picture Phones
2004-03-23   New Nokia 6820 Messaging Phone Now Available Exclusively from AT&T Wireless
2004-06-14   Nokia unveils the next generation features for Series 60 platform
2004-06-23   Nokia 5140 sprints out of the gate
2004-06-28   Nokia Expands Developer Support for CDMA
2004-07-20   Nokia now delivering third generation UMTS Nokia 6651 handset to AT&T Wireless
2004-08-10   AT&T Wireless and Nokia bring high-speed EDGE services and devices to the US market
2004-08-20   Nokia 6620  [PDF]
2004-09-07   Nokia to enable BlackBerry Connect Solution on Series 80 mobile devices
2004-09-13   Nokia joins the GSM Association
2004-09-24   Feature-packed Nokia 6260 smartphone starts shipping
2004-11-03   Nokia 6630 3G phone now shipping
2004-12-01   Cingular and Nokia Extend Strategic Relationship

2005-02-08   Nokia 7710 widescreen multimedia smartphone now shipping
2005-03-08   Nokia 6630 imaging smartphone - first handset to achieve WCDMA 3G Certification
2005-04-21   Cellular One To Launch Nokia 6255i Fold-Style Phone
2005-05-10   Nokia Application Developer Population Surges
2005-05-25   Nokia announces patent support to the Linux Kernel
2005-05-31   Nokia Makes Donation to GNOME Foundation
2005-06-07   Inspired human technology  [PDF]
2005-06-13   Forum Nokia Introduces Series 40 Platform 3rd edition
2005-06-13   Nokia develops a new browser for Series 60 by using open source software
2005-09-22   Nokia and T-Mobile Combine Form and Function in Latest Flip Phone
2005-09-28   Nokia N70 starts shipping
2005-09-28   Cingular, Nokia 'Connect' with Nokia 9300
2005-10-28   Mobile wireless technology companies call to investigate Qualcomm  More
2005-11-01   Series 60 redefines its name and visual identity
2005-11-02   Nokia introduces a new Web browser for S60 3rd Edition
2005-11-07   The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Starts Shipping
2005-11-21   Nokia N90 Now Shipping In The U.S.

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