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1996-01-23   Java 1.0

1999-06-15   Sun Announces Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

2000-05-xx   J2ME Building Blocks for Mobile Devices  [PDF]
2000-10-30   Adoption of Java by Key Wireless Companies to Enable Consumer-Friendly Services
2000-11-xx   Applications for Mobile Information Devices  [PDF]

2001-01-xx   Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition  [PDF]
2001-01-30   Sun Microsystems' Java Technology Powers NTT DoCoMo's Mobile Internet Services
2001-04-02   U.S. Consumers Enjoy First Java Technology Powered Phones and Services
2001-06-04   Sun and Industry Leaders Announce Initiative to Support Wireless Developers

2002-11-xx   Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition  [PDF]
2002-12-02   Wireless Industry and Sun Deliver MIDP 2.0  More  [PDF]

2003-02-17   Java Technology for Wireless Industry Expert Group Releases its First Road Map
2003-05-xx   Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Web Services Specification  [PDF]
2003-06-xx   Java Technology for the Wireless Industry  [PDF]

2004-02-11   Sun CEO: Open source is our friend
2004-02-12   Open letter to Sun: Let Java Go - See document  More  More  More
2004-02-26   IBM urges Sun to make Java open source
2004-04-12   The Java Trap - See document
2004-12-xx   Connected Limited Device Configuration HotSpot Implementation  More  [PDFs]

2005-01-05   J2ME: Has Its Time Finally Arrived?
2005-02-xx   CLDC HotSpot Implementation Virtual Machine  [PDF]
2005-04-xx   How to Contribute Code
2005-05-06   Proposal : Apache Harmony - J2SE 5 Project - See document  More
2005-05-07   Thoughts on the Apache J2SE "Harmony" Project
2005-06-xx   Java Platform for Connected Devices  [PDF]

2006-02-27   Interview with an Apache Harmony Project Founder - See document
2006-05-17   Java will go open source
2006-10-xx   James Gosling on Open Sourcing Sun's Java Platform Implementations
2006-11-13   Sun Open Sources Java Platform  More  [YouTube]  More

2007-04-10   Open Letter to Sun Microsystems - See document  More
2007-05-08   Sun Releases Java SE Platform to OpenJDK Community
2007-05-08   Liberating Java, Liberating the World  [WMA]  More  [PDF]
2007-05-08   Open Source Licensing  [PDF]
2007-05-08   OpenJDK Project Report  [PDF]
2007-05-09   The Apache Harmony Project  [PDF]
2007-05-10   Java Technology Libre Panel  [PDF]
2007-05-10   Community Participation Drives Evolution of Java Micro Edition Platform
2007-11-05   Congratulations Google, Red Hat and the Java Community!

2009-04-20   Oracle Buys Sun

2010-01-27   Oracle Completes Acquisition of Sun
2010-04-09   Time to move on
2010-08-08   Oracle and the future of the JCP
2010-08-12   Oracle Files Complaint Against Google for Patent, Copyright Infringement  More  [PDF]
2010-08-12   Oracle finally filed a patent lawsuit against Google  More  More  More

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