AT&T offers wireless digital cellular, personal communications

DALLAS -- March 3, 1993 -- At a press briefing at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association conference here today, AT&T Microelectronics presented a complete wireless component solution for the new dual mode (analog/digital) IS-54 North American cellular standard.

The standard promises to triple the number of calls that can be handled by cellular operators while also improving the quality of voice transmission for their customers.

AT&T is first to market with chips that perform radio functions for IS-54 terminals. Last week, the company introduced a companion baseband signal processing chipset for IS-54 terminals.

"Our IS-54 antenna-to-voice solutions are just the beginning," said John Pilitsis, International Sales and Marketing Vice President. "AT&T has a unique combination of expertise in low-power semiconductor technology and a top-down understanding of end user and network service provider needs.

"Those capabilities enable our customers to provide smaller, lighter handsets with longer talk time and better voice quality, to support mobile data communications and to drive the market for new, highly portable personal communications products and services," he said.

Over the next decade, AT&T Microelectronics will invest $6.4 billion in advanced process technology, packaging, DSP architecture and applications design support aimed at delivering highly integrated, portable, low-power solutions for terminal manufacturers. Support for the IS-54 standard will be complemented by support for GSM, JDC and other standards in markets around the world.

The first components in AT&T Microelectronics strategy were announced in February. Together, they provide a complete communications engine for the IS-54 standard. They include:

Previously announced products that support AT&T's thrust into the wireless components market and enable vendors to differentiate their product offerings include:

For product literature, call the AT&T Microelectronics Customer Response Center, 1-800-372-2447 (in Canada, 1-800-553-2448; fax number +1-215-778-4106 (especially for customers outside of North America); or by writing to AT&T Microelectronics, Dept. AL-500404200, 555 Union Boulevard, Allentown, Pa., 18103.

AT&T Microelectronics offers a full line of high-performance components and electronic systems to original equipment manufacturers, for applications in network computing, telecommunications, cellular/wireless and video. Included in the product line are CMOS, Bipolar, GaAs and high-voltage custom and standard products, communications devices, graphics and speech processors, interconnect products, lightwave products, and power supplies.