Apple Ships Standalone Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh

Windows Version Debuts This Fall

Cupertino, California -- September 28, 1993 -- Apple Computer, Inc., today announced that it has begun shipping the standalone Newton Connection Kit for the Macintosh. The Newton Connection Kit makes it simple and easy for people to exchange information between a Newton MessagePad Communications Assistant and millions of Macintosh personal computers.

With the kit, users can connect their Newton MessagePad to an Apple Macintosh computer in order to create, view, edit, synchronize, and back up their Newton MessagePad information.

The kit includes a complementary set of Newton applications for the Apple Macintosh. These applications allow users to create or modify their MessagePad information on the Macintosh desktop.  Apple's "Smart Synchronization" technology enables information to be synchronized and updated automatically between the Macintosh and the Newton MessagePad when the two are connected.

Newton developers are provided with interfaces which enable them to take advantage of this "Smart Synchronization" capability, allowing third party Newton applications to have full connectivity with the desktop environment.

"The Newton Connection Kit makes it even easier for people to integrate the power of Newton technology into their lives", said Ken Wirt, director of marketing for Apple's Personal Interactive Electronics (PIE) division. "By linking personal computer and MessagePad information, we allow people to extend the value of both their Macintosh systems and their MessagePads. We believe nationwide availability of the Newton Connection Kit will accelerate the sales momentum we've already established for the Newton MessagePad."

Newton Connection for the Macintosh automatically creates a back up version of Newton MessagePad information on the hard disk of a Macintosh for safekeeping. In addition, it tracks previously synchronized information which may have been deleted on the MessagePad, and automatically stores it in an archive file.

Using Newton Connection, users can employ their Macintosh to install optional packages such as system updates and applications on their MessagePad.

Apple also announced that Newton Connection Kit v 2.00 (formerly known as Newton Connection Pro) will allow users to synchronize and share information between existing Macintosh desktop applications and Newton applications running on the MessagePad.  Newton Connection v 2.00 will enable MessagePad information--notes, letters, name-cards, to-do lists and appointments--to be shared with common desktop personal information management (PIM), word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications. Newton Connection v 2.00, expected to be available later this year, will enable users to access and edit MessagePad information using common desktop applications.

Apple will offer all registered purchasers of Newton Connection v 1.00 a free upgrade to Newton Connection v 2.00. Customers who received a complementary preview version of the Newton Connection Kit at MacWorld Expo in Boston in early August, 1993 will also be entitled to free upgrades to Newton Connection versions 1.00 and 2.00.

The standalone Newton Connection v 1.00 for Macintosh was rolled out today across the United States, and is expected be available in computer retailers, campus resellers, consumer electronics stores and K-12 institutions.  Earlier in September the Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh shipped nationwide, bundled with the Newton MessagePad.

The Windows version of the Newton Connection Kit is being designed jointly by Apple Computer and Traveling Software of Bothell (WA) for
Newton MessagePad connectivity to personal computers running Microsoft Windows. Newton Connection for Windows, which was shown for the first time in early August at the MacWorld Expo launch of the Newton MessagePad, is scheduled to be available this fall.

The Newton MessagePad, a handheld communications assistant that allows people to gather, manage, and share information with tremendous ease and spontaneity, was introduced on August 2, 1993 at the MacWorld Expo in Boston, and shipped nationwide on Labor Day. More than 20 developers have announced products for the Newton MessagePad, and many more developers are in the process of creating innovative new applications for the system.

Apple launched the Newton MessagePad in the UK on September 16, 1993 at the Live '93 Consumer Electronics Show in London. With the UK launch of the Newton MessagePad, Apple expands the number of companies that support Newton technology. Alcatel, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, and GEC Plessey Semiconductors, announced that they intend to integrate Newton technology in future devices. These companies join Sharp, Motorola, Matsushita Electronics, Cirrus Logic, LSI Logic, and Siemens/Rolm in the growing family of companies which line up behind Apple's Newton technology.

The MessagePad is the first in a family of products based on Newton technology: others will be introduced in the future by both Apple and its licensees.

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