Cellular One introduces first voice-activated cellular service

TAMPA, Fla. -- April 5, 1994 -- Cellular One, a division of McCaw Cellular Communications, today introduced Florida's first voice-activated dialing service for cellular users.

Cellular One's new service, Voice Touch(SM), gives Cellular One customers the ability to dial any number by simply speaking the number or the name of the person they are calling. Combining specially developed voice-recognition technology and existing cellular phones, Voice Touch(SM) responds to the user's voice and automatically dials the desired phone number. Cellular One customers do not need to purchase any new or additional equipment to use Voice Touch(SM).

The Cellular One West Florida district will be the first cellular system in Florida to offer voice-activated dialing. The district covers eight counties (Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinel- las, Hillsborough, Polk, Sarasota, Manatee) and serves 3.1 mil- lion pops (potential customers).

"Our customers in West Florida have shown a strong interest and adaptability to new technologies," said Doug Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of Cellular One West Florida. "Voice Touch(SM) is a technology that will simplify use of a cel- lular phone and, in turn, enhance its safe use. We feel this will add to the convenience users now have with their cellular phones."

Cellular One customers can easily dial any telephone number with Voice Touch(SM) which recognizes the unique characteristics of the individual's voice. To use Voice Touch(TM) the customer says "dial," and then any phone number in the United States or Canada. Users also have the option of creating a 20-number per- sonal directory for speed dialing of frequently called numbers. Once the directory is established, the user simply says "call" and the directory name they want to call.

Voice Touch(SM) works with the phone of any Cellular One customer because the technology is provided through Cellular One's West Florida "switch," or mobile telephone switching of- fice. Voice Touch(SM) was developed using speech recognition technology created by Voice Control Systems, Inc., of Dallas, and voice recognition software and hardware supplied by Brite Voice of Wichita, Kansas. Currently, Voice Touch(SM) is available only to Cellular One's digital customers for $5.95 per month as part of a promise to offer them newest technologies first.

"Voice Touch(SM) is part of our commitment to innovation and to ensure that our customers receive the benefits of advanced technologies," said Johnson. "The best part is that customers will not have to purchase new equipment to use this new tech- nology."

McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc., is the nation's leading provider of personal communications services, a leader in the cellular industry's transition to digital from analog service, and a leader in the introduction of wireless data transmission. The company owns a 52% interest in LIN Broadcasting Corp., which is engaged in cellular telephone operations, television broad- casting and specialty publishing. McCaw Cellular is the nation's fifth largest messaging service provider and also provides telephone service for commercial and private aircraft through its ownership of Claircom Communications Group, L.P. In August 1993, McCaw announced it had reached a definitive agreement to merge with AT&T. Following regulatory approvals the merger is expected to close by the third quarter of 1994.