Apple Computer Makes Six Newton Announcements

Cupertino, California -- March 4, 1994 -- Apple Computer, Inc. expanded the scope of its Newton  technology today with a suite of announcements regarding new products, computer connectivity, and developer tools.  The announcements include the following:

Newton MessagePad 110 Announced

The Newton MessagePad  110 incorporates many new improvements, features, and design modifications which are based upon suggestions from customers and licensees.  The MessagePad 110 has 3 times the user space (the amount of memory available to the user for data storage) of the original Newton MessagePad; longer battery life (alkaline battery life has been doubled and NiCD battery life has been tripled); and a fast recharge feature which enables NiCD batteries to be fully recharged in 2-3 hours.  The new industrial design features a protective lid, a round telescopic pen, and a narrower, sleeker form factor.  Among the new software features are:

All the software updates released since the launch of the original Newton MessagePad have been incorporated into the Read Only Memory (ROM) of all new Newton MessagePad systems.  The Newton MessagePad 110 will be available from today across the United States in more than 2,000 computer retailers, Apple resellers and consumer electronic stores.  The Newton MessagePad 110 is expected to be available in Canada and the United Kingdom later in March 1994, and in some international markets later in 1994.  The Apple price for the Newton MessagePad 110 is US$599.

Newton MessagePad 100 Announced

To give customers a choice between the original Newton MessagePad form factor and that of the new MessagePad 110, Apple today announced plans to introduce the Newton MessagePad 100.  This device will provide the new, improved software functionality of the MessagePad 110, while maintaining the popular form factor of the original Newton MessagePad.  The Newton MessagePad 100 is expected to be available in the United States and the United Kingdom in April 1994, and in some international markets later in 1994.  The Apple price for the Newton MessagePad 100 is US$499.

Upgrade Program For Original MessagePad Owners

To enable Newton customers to benefit from the rapid evolution of Newton technology, Apple will offer existing owners of the Newton MessagePad an attractive upgrade program.  The Newton software upgrade program will give the original Newton MessagePad the new, improved software functionality of the MessagePad 110.  Customers availing of the upgrade program will also be offered a choice of two Newton software products, included in the upgrade price.  The upgrade will be available in the United States starting April 1994 by calling 1-800-SOS APPL, in the United Kingdom in April 1994, and in some other international markets later in 1994.  The Apple price for the Newton software upgrade (including two Newton software products) is US$99, plus shipping and handling.

Newton Connection v 2.0 for Macintosh Ships

Newton Connection v 2.0 enables users to exchange and share their MessagePad information---notes, letters, name-cards, to-do lists, appointments, and even information created with many third party applications---with common desktop personal information management (PIM), word-processing, spreadsheet and database applications, running on the Macintosh platform.  It also enables users to access and edit MessagePad information easily using common desktop applications with which they may already be familiar.  Newton Connection kit v 2.00 for Macintosh was rolled out today across the United States, and is expected be available in computer retailers, campus resellers, consumer electronics stores and K-12 institutions.  The Apple price of Newton Connection kit v 2.0 for Macintosh is US$99.

New Version of the Newton Toolkit To Ship Soon

This new version of the Newton Toolkit--the comprehensive developer system for the Newton platform--is anticipated to be available in early April 1994.  The Newton Toolkit is a powerful, sophisticated, yet easy to learn development environment designed to reduce significantly the time taken to develop creative Newton applications. Among the enhancements to the Toolkit are graphical tools, special utilities and Newton Book Maker--a new tool for publishers which facilitates the creation of electronic books.

StarCore offers The Newton Solution

Apple is offering three Newton software packages from StarCore, each containing a suite of business solutions designed to help mobile executives work more effectively.  Each Newton Solution package is compatible with all products in the Newton family, and incorporates two applications designed to meet the needs of sales people, mobile professionals or business executives.  Apple plans to release The Newton Solution packages in March 1994 at an Apple price of US$199. The value of the applications plus the flash card, if purchased separately, is approximately US$400, making The Newton Solution packages good value for business users.

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