AT&T response to DOJ announcement on AT&T/McCaw Cellular merger

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. -- July 15, 1994 -- AT&T today issued the following statement in response to an announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice of a proposed consent decree that would permit the AT&T/McCaw Cellular merger to proceed.

"This is good news--for consumers, AT&T and McCaw. The Department of Justice's announcement puts us in the homestretch of the merger approval process. When completed, the AT&T/McCaw merger will strengthen the cellular industry, enhance competition, and offer consumers even more choices.

"The terms of the Consent Decree do nothing to diminish either the strategic logic or the strong economics of the merger. For the most part, the Decree confirms the commitments we made when we announced our merger plans last August. At that time, AT&T said it was committed to provide equal access and do whatever it took to meet the needs of our cellular network equipment customers--including protecting their proprietary information, and guaranteeing non-discriminatory prices and availability.

"Of course, there remain several important steps in this process. Judge Greene and the FCC must still complete their reviews. Today's announcement reinforces our confidence that the merger will close on schedule."