NewtonMail Modules Reflect Apple's Customer Responsiveness

Cupertino, California -- July 29, 1994 -- The Apple Online Services (AOS) division of Apple Computer, Inc. announced today the release of NewtonMail Modules 1.0, which give NewtonMail customers the tools to formulate, send and receive messages more easily than ever before.

"These NewtonMail enhancements reflect Apple's commitment to respond quickly to customer feedback," said Peter Friedman, general manager and director of Apple Online Services.  "Based on this feedback, we've extended and simplified some of the mail functions."

The modules enable existing NewtonMail users to copy text from NewtonMail messages to the notepad, easily reply to and forward mail messages, and integrate printing and faxing from within the MessagePad in-box.  In addition, new functions allow users to send mail to many addresses, send multiple messages to one or multiple users and access NewtonMail via Tymnet/MCI.

Last month, Apple launched the eWorld family of on-line services which includes NewtonMail and eWorld for Macintosh.  NewtonMail is the mail component of eWorld for the Newton MessagePad and is built into every MessagePad, as well as every licensee's Newton device.  A customer's eWorld address and password remains the same regardless of the eWorld service used. The same is planned for subsequent versions, including eWorld for Windows, thus providing true cross-platform integration.

MessagePad users can now take advantage of eWorld's powerful mail services, exchanging text and ink messages, as well as items such as Notepad messages (including graphics), business cards and calendar appointments with other Newton users.  Just as with eWorld for Macintosh, NewtonMail allows subscribers to exchange text messages with Internet users as well as subscribers to other services accessible through the Internet.

Through Apple's upgrade program, the modules will be offered free of charge to all NewtonMail users.  The modules are available on eWorld and on Applelink or by sending an upgrade request to the following addresses: eWorld: Mail or Internet, or  For more information in the U.S., please call 1-800-775-4556.

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EDITOR'S NOTE:  If you are interested in receiving Apple releases via fax, call 800-AAPL-FAX and enter I.D. number 6172.

CUSTOMER NOTE: Customers wanting more information should call the Apple Customer Assistance line at 800-776-2333.

ADDENDUM: To access the NewtonMail modules on eWorld or Applelink, users can follow the paths listed below:

First three weeks, Shortcut "Newton" Software Exchange: New Files & Upload Library
After three weeks, Shortcut "Newton" Software Exchange: Official Apple Software

Newton: World of Newton: Newton Software Updates