McCaw Messaging changing name to AT&T Wireless Services

SEATTLE -- November 29, 1994 -- As a result of its recently completed merger with AT&T, McCaw Cellular Communications Inc., the nation's leading provider of wireless services is beginning to change the name of its Messaging (paging) division to AT&T Wireless Services.

The name change--announced today in a regional advertising campaign--will begin with TelePage Northwest in Washington and Oregon immediately and is expected to be complete throughout the 16 states served by the division by February of next year.

"We're thrilled to move to the AT&T brand because we have always felt that one of the great advantages of the McCaw/AT&T merger would be the ability to use the powerful AT&T name," said John Chapple, president of the messaging division of AT&T Wireless Services. "The AT&T brand is the most recognizable name in telecommunications today and has carried to millions of consumers an association of unparalleled quality and reliability."

The Messaging Division of AT&T Wireless Services also announced the release of the FlashPoint wireless data receiver, the first product to be marketed under the new name. FlashPoint is the smallest full-display alphanumeric device in the United States and the only receiver of its kind in the world capable of displaying graphics. The FlashPoint receiver is significantly thinner and lighter than the typical alphanumeric pagers in today's marketplace and has 128K bytes of memory that will enable it to receive messages and graphics of unlimited length.

"The FlashPoint pager is exactly what the dramatically growing number of paging customers have asked us for," continued Chapple. "It is a lighter device that is capable of receiving both short and long messages in a way that is easy."

In addition to personal messaging capabilities, FlashPoint provides access to over 128 different categories of news and information services. Customers can choose up to 27 different services at a time to receive information via their pager on the latest news stories, flight information, sports results, traffic updates, weather reports, stock market reports, e-mail, etc. AT&T Wireless Services Messaging Division is the nation's fifth largest paging service (RCC) provider. The company owns and operates messaging operations throughout the United States. In 1994, the Division purchased two 50/50 kHz paired nationwide Narrowband PCS licenses, allowing McCaw to provide advanced messaging services, such as two-way acknowledgment messaging, in the near future.