McCaw paging division changes name to AT&T Wireless Services

SEATTLE -- McCaw Cellular Communications Inc., the nation's leading provider of wireless services, announced it has changed the name of its messaging (paging) Division to AT&T Wireless Services.

The change brings the powerful AT&T brand name to more than 800,000 customers in 13 of the 15 states that AT&T now provides messaging services.

"Paging is one of the fastest growing segments in the wireless industry and there is a significant competitive advantage in marketing this service under the AT&T brand name. It is a name that is recognized world wide for telecommunications quality and reliability," said McCaw President Steve Hooper. "Paging has clearly become a consumer product with wide appeal. The industry continues to grow at 30 to 40% a year."

The states that AT&T provides messaging service include: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and Washington. The Oregon and Washington markets changed to the AT&T Wireless Services name in the fourth quarter of 1994. The Utah and Alaska Messaging markets will not be converting until later in 1995.

Late last year, the Messaging Division of AT&T Wireless Services announced the release of the FlashPoint wireless data receiver, the first product to be marketed under the new name. FlashPoint is an ultra-light pager that provides access to more than 128 different news and information services in addition to personal messaging capabilities. FlashPoint was the latest of a number of innovative messaging products including MailFlash and MessageFlash to be released.

In addition, AT&T intends to build an advanced messaging network, with the two 50/50 kHz paired nationwide Narrowband PCS licenses it was awarded in the 1994 auction held by the FCC.

AT&T Corp. and McCaw Cellular finalized a $11.5 billion merger last September. McCaw's cellular division is expected to complete brand transition to the AT&T brand name later this year. Prior to the cellular brand change, McCaw is required to provide a choice of long distance providers throughout its cellular systems. McCaw's in-flight communications division, currently called Claircom, is expected to change its name by the end of the first quarter.

AT&T Wireless Services Messaging Division is the nation's fifth largest paging service (RCC) provider. The company owns and operates messaging operations throughout the United States.