McCaw Cellular has nation's first wireless Caller I.D. service

PORTLAND, Ore. -- February 27, 1995 -- McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc., the nation's leading provider of wireless services, announced the nation's first commercial wireless Caller I.D. feature in the company's Portland, Oregon market. The service will be available to McCaw Cellular/Cellular One digital subscribers in the Portland and Salem metropolitan areas.

Caller I.D. allows digital customers to identify a caller before answering the phone, increasing efficient management of cellular telephone usage. The calling number shows in the display area of the cellular phone. This service is made available through the company's TDMA digital network. McCaw has introduced the digital network in the majority of its markets and already has more than 250,000 customers using the state-of-the-art service in markets across the country.

"We're pleased to bring consumers the first of many enhanced services that will be available on our digital network," said McCaw's Chief Technology Officer Nick Kauser. "It is a clear indication that our TDMA digital platform is delivering services beneficial to customers--and delivering them today."

The Portland market is the debut market for the Caller I.D. service. It is available for $4.95 per month. The service is expected to be available throughout other McCaw markets in 1995. To order Caller I.D. in Oregon, subscribers can call Cellular One Customer Care at 1-800-245- 7626, or dial 611 from their Cellular One phones.

In addition to displaying the telephone numbers of incoming calls, the product also has an "automatic call- back" feature. This feature allows a customer to eliminate re-dialing by simply pressing the "send" key to return missed calls. Customers subscribing to Caller I.D. can also use the feature in conjunction with their Call Waiting feature so that they not only receive an audible indication of an incoming call, but to actually see the calling number.

"Caller I.D. services have proven to be popular among both residential and small business consumers of wireline service. We believe that Caller I.D. holds even greater value for cellular subscribers, who pay for incoming calls," said Lynne Gregg, Product Manager at McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc.

McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of wireless voice and data communications. McCaw is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T. McCaw owns a 52 percent interest in LIN Broadcasting Corp. McCaw Cellular is the nation's fifth largest messaging service provider and a world leader in air-to-ground communications services.