Apple Announces Newton Solution Bundle For Educators on the Go

Enhanced Productivity Tool Offers Mobile Access to Information

Cupertino, CA -- April 10, 1995 -- Apple Computer, Inc.'s Education Division announced today the Newton Solution Bundle, designed to offer educators on the go a productivity tool for capturing, organizing and communicating information. The product is the latest addition to the Apple Education Series, a suite of products and programs that help educators effectively use and integrate technology into their learning environments.

The Newton Solution Bundle combines the cutting-edge technology of the Newton MessagePad 120 with leading hardware and software tools to help educators continue to be productive when they are away from their desks. "We know how valuable an educator's time is, and any time spent outside the school has to be put to its maximum use. Now, with the Newton Solution bundle, everyone from administrators to teachers can actually catch up on tasks and stay productive because they have the information they need right at their fingertips. They can update calendars, manage expenses and even enter grades and work on attendance reports wherever they are," says Mario Diaz, marketing manager for the Apple Education Series.

The Newton MessagePad 120 is an easy-to-use handheld device that provides you with instant access to important classroom and personal information--even if it's stored on a remote desktop computer. The MessagePad 120 features a built-in notepad, calendar, to-do list and address book for organizing classroom projects and activities. Included in the bundle is a lightweight external fax modem that allows you to send and receive electronic mail, connect to on-line services and send faxes anywhere. Another component, the Newton Connection Kit, is a cable and software combination that allows you to connect your Newton MessagePad to any Macintosh or Windows-based desktop computer for data transfer--even back to your school desktop computer.

In addition, the bundle includes six premier software applications that offer mobile educators ways to stay productive. They include:

Pricing and Availability

The Newton Solution Bundle sells for $649. The Bundle is also available for sale with either of the Teacher Solution Bundles, a hardware/software package that includes everything teachers need to handle their classroom management tasks. The Teacher Solution bundle in combination with the Newton Solution Bundle is available in two configurations:

The Newton Solution Bundle will ship by May, 1995 and may be ordered immediately by qualified educators. To order, educators may contact 1-800-800-APPL or their Apple representative.

Other Apple Education Series products include: Business Education, the High School Biology Bundle, Elementary and Secondary Reference Bundles, Communications Bundle, Early Language Connections, Spanish Language Connections, Early Childhood Connections, Math Bundle: Grades 5-8, Education Advantage Bundles, Teacher Solution Bundle, Collaborative Learning Products, the Network Assistance Kit, Teaching and Learning Technology--A Planning Guide and Staff Development Workshops. For more information on the Apple Education Series call Apple at 1-800-800-AAPL.

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