Apple Expands Breadth of Newton Solutions with Greater PC Integration and Enhanced Development Environment for Newton 2.0

Newton Developers Show a Range of New Business, Communications Solutions at Macworld

Cupertino, California -- January 8, 1996 -- Apple Computer, Inc. continues to enhance Newton 2.0, its latest version of the Newton operating system, with a suite of products that improves the integration of Newton PDAs with both Mac OS- and Windows-based personal computers. The company is also offering tools that provide a more powerful development environment for third-party developers. These enhancements expand the scope for the development of Newton solutions and are being announced at Macworld Exposition, being held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, January 9-12.

Newton 2.0 is a major revision of the Newton operating system and is a response to more than two years of extensive customer feedback and user testing. It is designed to advance the Newton platform by providing improved organizational and communications capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate Newton PDAs with cross-platform desktop systems and enterprise environments.

Desktop Integration

Several new products from Apple will help simplify the process of exchanging information between a Newton PDA and a Mac OS- or Windows-based personal computer.

Newton Backup Utility (NBU)

Both the Mac and Windows version of the Newton Backup Utility are now available online (please refer to editor's note for online locations). NBU allows customers to back up and restore Newton 2.0 information to a personal computer and also installs software packages from a PC to a Newton PDA. NBU also allows owners of previous versions of the Newton OS to move their existing Newton data to the 2.0 platform. The online prerelease versions of NBU are available free of charge.

Newton Press

Because of the overwhelming interest in Newton Press, a new software application from Apple that provides a drag-and-drop method for the creation of electronic books for Newton PDAs from files on a personal computer, Apple is distributing a prerelease version to customers online. Newton Press for the Mac OS is available now and the prerelease Windows version is expected to be available early this year (please refer to editor's note for online locations). The online prerelease versions of Newton Press are also available free of charge.

Newton books are created by simply dropping text files onto the Newton Press icon, which automatically formats the read-only document so it can be easily viewed on a Newton PDA. Documents such as travel itineraries, meeting agendas, price lists, and maps are readily available to reference, annotate, fax or print.

Third-Party PC Integration Products

In addition to the integration products from Apple, the company has been working with its third-party developers to offer customers a wide variety of productivity solutions for the Newton platform, the following of which are being demonstrated in the Apple booth at Macworld (South Hall, Room 103).

Enhanced Development Environment

New developer tools and utilities enable a whole new range of solutions for customers to use with their Newton PDAs. A vital feature for customers is the ability to synchronize Newton data with a specific application on their personal computer or in an enterprise environment. This is made possible with a key technology called Desktop Integration Libraries (DILs), a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that developers use to create direct links between applications on Newton PDAs and PCs so that data can be synchronized seamlessly between them.

For example, customers with either a Mac OS- or Windows-based PC can now synchronize their personal schedule kept in ON Technology's Meeting Maker at the office, with the schedule on their Newton PDA, keeping their daily and weekly agenda close at hand throughout the day. If a change is made on the Newton PDA, the new information can then be directly synchronized back to the main calendar.

The following products incorporate DILs technology and will be shown in the Apple booth at Macworld.

  • ACT! for Newton by Symantec Corp.
  • Meeting Maker XP for Newton by ON Technology
  • FileMaker Pro 3.0 Companion for Newton by Claris Corp.
  • Now Synchronize v. 1.5 for Newton by Now Software, Inc.

    Developer Tools

    The developer community is a critical part of Newton's success and the new tools introduced today play a key role in providing developers with a superior development environment. The new tools include:

    Newton Toolkit (NTK) version 1.6 for Mac OS-based computers. Along with support for Newton 2.0, NTK 1.6 is also optimized for Power Macintosh and delivers additional debugging tools, enabling software developers to create more high performance applications for the Newton platform than for any other PDA platform.

    In an effort to broaden its developer base and to address strong demand for Newton software development tools for the Windows platform, a prerelease version of NTK 1.6 for Windows is being distributed to selected developers and is expected to be available by mid year 1996.

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